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Night on the Blue Ridge Parkway, And More Good News!

You may remember me talking about my camera being messed up. I have a Nikon D5100 and I smacked the lens on the door frame coming in the door back in march and it started giving me an “Autoexposure Error”. I couldn’t use it on any mode except manual, I couldn’t use the flash, and when taking pictures in low light (Like indoors) it would come out pretty much black. I tried googling the error and a few other people with this camera had gotten this problem too, but no one really had an answer on how to fix it except to send it into Nikon and have them look at it, which is also what my user manual said.  I was pretty bummed out and kept putting it off, making up excuses as to why I couldn’t send it off that day: “Oh I need to get a picture of those shoes I wore so I can finish my outfit post…” “Oh I need to take a portrait of my cats first..” But I knew I had to do it eventually so I told myself I would send it off the day after we got back from our weekend trip to the mountains.

I love taking pictures in low light so I was pretty annoyed I couldn’t do that anymore, but during our trip I realized I could still take long exposure night shots, because it would be dark anyway. So on our way back from Steven’s aunt’s house we stopped at our favorite place on the blue ridge parkway, Craggy Gardens and I took these three shots.

I was pretty excited how they turned out and I as I was messing with the settings to take some more I accidentely made the flash go off and blinded myself. UG. 

But wait!  The flash?!  How did that happen?!  My camera was broken!  I looked at the screen and noticed the error was GONE. I tried putting it on the other settings and taking pictures and it worked just fine!

I don’t know how or why taking a 30 second exposure fixed whatever was wrong with it, I’m just glad it’s fixed. I was so happy that I may or may not have shed a few tears…..

Anyway, here are some more night shots I took on the trip. It was DARK out there. When I put my camera on the rock ledge to take those first few pictures, I couldn’t even see it once I stood up! Having what I thought was a broken camera  I wasn’t all that concerned with it falling 4000 feet off the side of the mountain, but once it fixed itself I found myself a walmart and bought a tripod.

The blue ridge parkway is a road that runs along the super tall blue ridge mountain range and there are many areas where there is a steep drop off the side of the road with NO guardrail. At night you can’t see the edge of the road or how high up you are, so it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Haha..

I had so much fun taking these pictures! Well until I freaked myself out thinking bears would come out and attack me. It’s interesting to see what colors the sky shows up as in these pictures. It looked completely black to us. It’s like the camera is showing us some hidden world.  I want to take so many more night shots!

We had a lot of fun on our trip and I have plenty of daytime photos to share soon!

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Cat Photos Friday #13- Portrait Day

Ever since I got these three goons I have been wanting to get a good picture of all three of them together like I did with my mom’s cats. Buut, these guys have more energy than I ever thought possible for cats so it’s almost impossible to get all three of them to sit still  long enough for me to snap a picture. And if they do manage to sit still, usually at least one of them has a ridiculous look on their face, which I usually don’t mind, but I wanted something a little more serious for their portrait.

The other day I was determined to get a good shot. Armed with a handful of treats in one hand,  a feather on a stick in the other hand and somehow managing to hold onto my camera, I ended up getting a decent photo!

This one is going on my desk at work. Not even joking.

And now for the ones that didn’t quite make the cut..

 He wanted those treats BAD.

This is the face Cloud makes when the boys get a liiittle too close

I’ll leave you with this gem..

Have a good weekend!
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Veggie Garden Update

All my vegetables are planted and growing fast! 

I made those bamboo trellises myself, I’ll post a little tutorial on how to do it soon!

I was shocked to see how huge the beans were when they sprouted!

My cabbages are looking big, but I have no idea when they are ready to eat. The middle leaves aren’t clustered together like you would see on a store bought one, so I don’t know if that will happen eventually or if these ones are different and I could be eating them right now! :0

My cucumbers have bloomed!

 I can’t wait to make some fried green tomato sandwiches!

 And this here is my prized luffa sprout! If you remember from here, I blogged about growing your own luffas. I ordered these seeds online because I couldn’t find any in stores and it took months for them to get here, I thought for sure they got lost in the mail!  I planted a few seeds when the weather finally warmed up, and of course we had a suprise frost a few days later which killed them all. I planted some more, but after a few weeks I still wasn’t seeing any. 🙁  So I frantically tried to germinate my last three inside a paper towel in a plastic bag and only ONE of them sprouted! I watch it like crazy and go out and check on him as often as I can. (Is crazy vegetable lady a thing??)
And this little guy is Cosmo! He lives in the wood pile behind the shed and he’s usually just hanging out in the yard munching clover whenever I go outside. I have been spraying rabbit repellent on my veggies and so far he hasn’t really bothered them. Although I think  I missed an eggplant and a pepper plant while spraying and sure enough, he ate the whole darn thing. -_- I was going to staple rabbit wire to the fence to keep the rabbits out, but Steven said that would be too ugly and convinced me to buy the repellent instead. If that bunny eats my luffa sprout I’m gonna be maaad. At both of them! Hehe.

I’m just so excited about my vegetable garden!  It’s exactly what my dream garden was when I wrote this post. It was my second ever blog post and I remember as I wrote it on that cold January day I was so excited I could hardly contain myself!

Here is my post from when we first started digging and here is one from where we built the fence!
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What I Wore on Mother’s Day

 Outfit Details
Dress: Charlotte Ruse
Jacket: Target
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Forever 21

This is the only strapless dress I own, and it just happens to be one of my favorite dresses. I usually don’t buy strapless dresses because I feel like I look naked in them! I feel perfectly normal wearing a dress with teeny tiny spaghetti straps though, which doesn’t make much sense.  Luckily I have this little cover-up jacket that goes wonderfully with the dress and gets rid of the naked feeling. 

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s day!  I had pizza at my mom’s house and had fun exploring her garden. Be sure to check out her blogs How cute is that? and  make it special party planning
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Antique Store Finds

One of our favorite Saturday activities is to go thrifting/antiquing. There’s a couple good thrift stores in my area, but there are waay more antique stores and lately we have been visiting them regularly and finding some really great stuff. For years I’d always assumed that everything in antique stores was expensive and I never really thought to add any to our thrifting list. Boy was I wrong!

This is our haul from our latest antiquing trip

I seem to be the land camera queen lately,  I have been finding them everywhere! The first shop we went in was owned by santa claus type character, and he asked what we were looking for. I’m usually awkward and just mumble something and dart away to avoid conversations, but Steven told him I was interested in cameras. He got a huge smile on his face and said “Well you’re gonna looovvveee me!”  And brought me over to a shelf overflowing with old cameras, many of which were land cameras!  I actually didn’t buy any cameras from him though, even though I kind of wanted to. The land cameras were pretty old and nothing had price tags. I hate asking prices because I don’t want to feel pressured to buy something, plus it would involve talking to someone (Oh the horror!!)

This land camera came from one of the next shops we went into. I couldn’t believe it; it was the exact model I was thinking of buying refurbished online for 200$. It’s the first model to use packfilm which is still made brand new! Once again it had no price tag, but Steven asked the lady who owned the shop, who has a very strong personality and I can never quite figure out if she’s mad at us or that’s just how she acts. She responded with “Oh you want my camera? Well it’s 20 bucks!” and then walked away. I held in a squeal and knew it was mine!! We also bought an aluminum butter dish from her that she was asking like 8 bucks for. Steven talked her down to 5 and she reluctantly agreed . She seemed to think the butter dish was more special than the camera and told us we were getting it for a steal!

We got this globe from my absolute favorite antique store! We saw it there months ago but didn’t buy it. Steven had been thinking about it ever since so we went back to see if it was still there. We didn’t see it and asked the owner and he said he was pretty sure he sold it. After we left he came chasing us down the street and said he had found the globe! 

I sneakily took some photos of the place, and didn’t even realize until just now that I had taken a picture of the globe we were looking for! This place is FILLED with books! He also has a nice collection of bonsai pots and cameras, so I could spend hours in his shop. I saw a land camera here too, but once again no price tag and since I had just bought one I figured I should calm down with the camera buying. Haha.

Something I’d like to do is take more pictures of antique stores. When I was little my parents went to antique stores all the time and would spend what felt like days in there. It didn’t bother me too much though, I have always loved the kind of eerie feeling they have and love to get lost wandering through the rows of forgotten memories. 

Well, I certainly never imagined I would have this much to say about this post! I just couldn’t resist sharing all the interactions we had that day.

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Cat Photos Friday #12- A trip to Grandma’s

On Christmas Eve I took Chester and Jeeves to my mom’s house to visit. Cloud Stayed home because she doesn’t like meeting new cats, plus she needed a break from her brothers. My mom’s cats were on the blog the other week, you can find that post here.

Lucy and Sookie were curious about their guests.
Zoe was not.

“New toys!!”
I love Zoe’s crazy face here!

The boys enjoyed their visit and Cloud enjoyed her peace and quiet. It was a fun day!

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The front garden

Looking through photos of our garden last year, I was surprised to see how much it had grown! The slope in our front yard was all grass and some ivy, and right before we moved in the ivy had gotten so overgrown it was starting to engulf the stairs! So last spring we decided it was time to dig it up and turn it into a garden. Originally I was just going to post pictures from this year, but I am a little obsessed with before and after shots, so you here you go!

Here is what it looks like now

And these two pictures are from last year, I still can’t believe some of those plants were ever that tiny!

The previous owners had a bit of an obsession with ivy.. This was just one of many places it was planted.


We planted a little bit of everything, anything that catches our eye in the garden shop. Some of them work out, some of them don’t. But that’s part of the fun, learning what plants grow where.

I can’t wait to see how everything looks next year!

What are your favorite things to plant?
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What I Wore on Easter

On Easter we worked in the garden in the morning, had lunch at Steven’s parents house, then dinner and dessert at my mom’s house where I once again borrowed her lovely yard for my outfit pictures!

Outfit Details
Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21

Betcha can’t guess what store I shop at the most! 😛  

I think my favorite part of this outfit are the shoes. When I saw them I immediately grabbed them and knew I was getting them, they are a half size too small, but I don’t care.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter! (I know it’s a few weeks late, but school :P)