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A Look Back on 2014

2014 was a pretty good year, filled with fun adventures and some changes, here’s a look back at some highlights of the past year.

We ended up taking four trips this year!  I always have the urge to travel and am constantly day dreaming about my next trip, so being able to go on four little vacations this year was a dream!

The first trip we took was to Pittsburgh, and visited the Frank Lloyd Wright house, Falling Water

The next trip we took was to the Blue Ridge Parkway, to see the lovely mountains.

Then we visited Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s house with my Mom, Aunt and Grandma.

 And lastly we went to the Beach!

 Last year around this time all I could think about was starting my vegetable garden. It turned out to be everything I imagined and it was wonderful to be able to grow my own veggies, even if I lost most of them due to squash borers.  I can’t wait to try again this year.

I tried out doing a “what I wore” post in February, and surprisingly enough I kept up with it, posting one almost every week.  I never liked taking pictures of myself, I was always very critical and found something to dislike about each photo. But I forced myself to post them anyway and found it easier and easier the more I did it.

 My cats became stars of the blog when I decided to start posting cat photos every Friday.

I finally finished school in May! I started taking classes at a community college when I was 16, and then worked towards a bachelors degree in biotechnology, taking only two or three classes a semester while I worked a full time job. That took seven years. I am so glad to be done. I was in school so long that I think I burnt out. I once loved biology and wanted nothing more than to get my PhD in it and study that for the rest of my days. Now I am rather un-enthused by the subject and would much rather spend my time learning how to use old cameras and developing film, or something like that. But, who knows, maybe I’d burn out on that too if I was forced to learn it. 

I also had to find a new job this year, which I didn’t expect at all. Things went bad at my old job and everyone’s hours got cut, which meant I had a lot of free time for about six months and I really got used to it. I had so much time to spend taking photos, writing up blog posts and working on my jewelry. Now I am back to working long hours, but I do have money again which is nice. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this exact position, I may stay in it if I get better hours, or maybe I’ll transfer in the company to a new position, or maybe I’ll get an entirely new job.. My future that was once so certain has turned completely uncertain! Maybe I just need to find the right job to make myself excited about my career choice again.

Other than that it was a pretty good year, and I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!  I’ll be back in a few days with some goals for the new year along with seeing how I fared with my goals last year.  I hope everyone had a wonderful 2014!

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What I Wore on the Train Tracks

Just a few shots of what I was wearing when we took a walk downtown one Sunday afternoon.

The train still comes down these tracks, but I didn’t see it that day.

 Outfit Details
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: Target
Shoes: Target

My sweaters always seem to get baggy after I wear them for a little bit. :p I had so much fun wandering around the old tobacco buildings downtown and have a neat post coming up about it. Stay tuned!

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One Year of Blogging

One year ago today I wrote my first blog post.  I’m not exactly sure what prompted me to start a blog, but it sort of went along with starting my Etsy shop which also turned one yesterday. 

So I guess it all started with some bonsai stamps Steven found on a package at work. He knew I liked stamps and bonsais so he brought them home to me and I had them for months but couldn’t decide what to do with them. Then one day last November I remembered how much I had always wanted to put stuff into resin. I had bought some resin years earlier and did a few things with it, but then got busy with school and hadn’t thought about it very much since then. I realized the perfect idea would be to put the little bonsai stamps into resin!  But then what?? That’s when I had the idea to turn them into necklaces and give them as Christmas gifts to my mom and sister. I was so excited that I just went for it and didn’t do a whole lot of research or practice which resulted in me ruining my cute little stamps. 🙁  But that led me to ebay where I found more of the same little bonsai stamps plus loads of different stamps from all around the world. Then, finally I got the idea to start making resin stamp necklaces and magnets to sell on Etsy. I have sold 12 things from my shop so far!  It’s so neat to think about my necklaces or magnets, hanging out in somebodies home, far away.

 Back in my days on Flickr I followed a few bloggers and it always seemed like it would be fun to have one, but once again, school always zapped my time. Now that I was nearly rid of school I guess it seemed like a good time to give it a try! I figured that I would just be writing to no one; there are so many blogs out there that I couldn’t imagine anyone ever finding mine. I was never even sure what I wanted to write about, I just started sharing whatever I thought was interesting, or what I was up to lately, and to my surprise I got a few followers in my first month.  Now I am up to 38 followers and nearly 10,000 views after one year! I can hardly believe it!  I have met so many interesting people through blogging over this past year, I love learning how life is like for people in different states and countries. This has been an awesome first year and I can’t wait to see what this next year holds!

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Merry Christmas / Cat Photos.. Thursday!


I tried to get a good Christmas photo of all three cats, but it didn’t work out too well this time around, they were just too turnt up by all the fun decorations. But I did end up getting a few cute shots of each one.  Enjoy!

Chester loved the candy canes!

This is Cloud’s snooty face.
Jeeves is a tough guy to take pictures of, he hates posing!

I had to sing in a deep scary voice to get him to look at me.

He was not impressed!

Cloud lets me know when she’s done with the photo shoot.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!  

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What I Wore to a Christmas Party

I wasn’t sure if the matching cardigan was a god idea or a monstrosity, but Steven said it worked because they were two different textures. I took his word for it because it was too cold not to wear it!

Sookie wasn’t sharing my Christmas enthusiasm.

  Outfit Details
Dress: Forever 21
Leggings: Forever 21
Shoes: Target

 When I saw this dress I just knew it was the perfect holiday party dress! Burgundy has been my favorite color to wear this winter (in case you couldn’t tell!). It’s made out of a stretchy material so paired with leggings it was a really comfortable outfit. I wore it to the annual Christmas party at my Mom’s house, which was so much fun, 

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It’s Winter!

Even though it has felt like winter for over a month now, today is officially the first day. I’ve always liked winter, even though it’s cold and dark, and the plants have died back, I still think winter is just as pretty of a season as the rest of them.

Everything sounds clearer in the winter. Maybe it’s the thinner air, free of the humidity that summer carries, or maybe it’s because the leaves are gone from the trees. 

The clear air makes the interstate behind our house seem so much louder, I listen to it as I fall asleep at night. For some reason it make me imagine traveling far away to someplace up north. 
I like the way the trees look without leaves on them, showing their intricate branches against the white sky.

Winter is filled with cold foggy days, where the clouds reach all the way to the ground and it looks like snow could fall at any second.
But winter also has days filled with bright sunlight and brilliant blue, cloudless skies which pair strangely with days that never get above freezing.

My favorite thing about winter is when it snows, which isn’t often enough here. I love the blurry mess the snowflakes make as they turn the whole world white.
And how cozy the houses look, nestled in the snow.
I hope everyone has a great winter! I will be spending mine as I always do,  hoping and wishing for lots of snow!

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Cat Photos Friday #42- Phone Photodump

I have so many random cat photos on my phone that are too silly not to share!  Enjoy!

Chester makes a good laptop holder
I got some new shoes and Cloud quickly claimed the box!

These cats are always interested in what’s on the TV, Chester was enthralled by grand theft auto!
Cloud is our breakfast buddy.
Having cats means having a fan club every time you eat.

What a cute fan club!
They cats had a wild evening which resulted in the gingerbread house flipping over.
I kept shooing him away from my food, and then he appeared in a sneaky spot…

Cloud reeeally wanted to help me garden that day!

So Jeeves thought he’d try and reach the door handle. Too smart!

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Christmas Parade

This year my mom and I decided we wanted to see the Christmas parade downtown. I used to be in Christmas parades every year when I was in dance class, but never actually watched one.  I loved being in parades so much, I never wanted them to end!
We saw cute dogs

We saw some monster guys

And then we saw this…..
And as weird as it was, I instantly recognized it as the little used appliance shop right down the stret from my house. We went there once years ago and it was super creepy, but in a cool way.  Just like this float.

 There was also a guy in a tiny car zooming around. And some cray techno music was playing. It was the best thing I’ve seen!
Fun fact: Krispy Kreme was founded in Winston-Salem! There’s an old Krispy Kreme college around here somewhere that I’ve been wanting to find again and take pictures of..

 Surprisingly some of the most creative floats were for car dealerships!  Some of these people went all out. The wizard of oz one was really neat, complete with a spinning tornado that I didn’t get  good picture of. 


The parade was pretty neat and we had a lot of fun hanging out downtown, I can’t wait to go again next year!  Are there any holiday parades in your town?
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A Walk Downtown in the Fog

Last weekend I went with my mom and my sister to watch the Christmas parade downtown. We got there a little early and walked up and down the streets, checking out the old buildings. It’s interesting to see all the old buildings mixed in with the new ones.

This used to be a woolworths. A historic sit-in occurred here  February 8th, 1960. (My Future birthday!)  Sadly this place is abandoned now.

It’s crazy how many old buildings you pass by, not knowing what history they hold. I’m always intrigued by the older buildings in my town and want to know as much as I can about what they used to be.

The Reynolds building has festive red and green lights at night.  It was the prototype for the Empire state building, and apparently every year the staff at the empire state building send a Father’s day card to the staff at the Reynolds building. How cute!

After the parade we stopped into Mooney’s Mediterranean Cafe for some falafel and fresh pita.
We’ve always been big hummus fans, (Steven and I have had it every day for lunch at work since I started there seven weeks ago…. Seriously) But none of use had ever had falafel before, it was SO good and now I’m pretty sure I am a big Mediterranean food fan. I can’t wait to go back and try some more dishes!
After dinner we finally checked out Camino Bakery after drooling over their instagram pictures for months. We shared a delicious slice of ammareto cheesecake which I promptly forgot to take a picture of! Oh well, it’s somewhere in the above shot..

We had so much fun wandering the city streets in the fog. When I was younger all I wanted to do was move away from here and go anywhere else, but now I have grown quite found of my little city.  

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What I Wore- Plaid Skirts and Black Cats

On Sundays we usually have lunch at Steven’s parents house, and I thought it would be a good change of scenery for some outfit pictures.  Panther wanted to join in too.

I wasn’t sure if sitting on that old swing was a bad idea or not..
The light always seems so pretty in the winter. But despite the warm sunny glow, it was a pretty cold day.

 Outfit Details
Skirt: Thrifted
Necklace: Made by me!
Shoes: Target

This is the skirt from my thrifting post here. I got it back in September and have been waiting until Christmas time to wear it since it just seems so Christmasy to me.