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Cat Photos Friday #46- Long Exposure Cat Shots

I usually don’t bother trying to take pictures of the cats unless there’s a lot of lighting, because they just move so fast it’s almost impossible to get a clear photo. But they just looked so darn cute in front of the fireplace the other night I couldn’t resist. So I lowered my shutter speed down to about 1 -2 seconds and tried to convince them to sit still. I got some amusing results.

Ghost brothers!

Jeevey tornado!
I call this one: Chester sees a ghost

After a while I got some cool double exposure effects going on.
Cloud would like everyone to know, that she is perfectly capable of sitting completely still for a least two whole seconds. 

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What I Wore- Purple Tights!

I love my Coelacanth necklace!

Outfit Details
Skirt: Forever 21
Coat: Forever 21
Shirt H&M
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Target

I’ve had these purple leggings for a while but had never worn them until now, and I’ve been missing out!  I love them! Most of my tights have a knit pattern so I really like these because they’re smooth. They’re not very thick though so I layered them over a pair of plain black tights. I love wearing dark hues in the winter, I think dark purple blue and even burgundy go quite well together.

What are you favorite colors to wear in the winter?
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Skippy’s Hot Dogs

Just recently a hot dog place downtown was featured on PBS, and was named the number one hot dog joint in the city!  We had never been there so we decided it was time to check it out.

It’s called Skippy’s and it’s located on fourth street in downtown Winston-Salem. We must have walked past this place a bunch of times but have never gone in. One of my friends even worked there for a short time!

It’s a small place with only a couple tables, but it was packed when we arrived shortly after it opened.  The smell of toasted buns, fries and hot dogs filled the air oozed out onto the street, growing stronger as we approached. There was a long line, almost out the door, but I happened to see one empty table which I immediately snagged and guarded while Steven stood in line to place our order.

What makes Skippy’s unique is that their buns are made out of pretzel dough. The inside is brightly colored and adorned with vintage pretzel tins, giving it a fun and kitschy atmosphere.

They serve a variety of sandwiches as well as many great hot dog combos. They even have a veggie dog option which I was excited to see!

I decided to forgo the veggie hot dog on this trip because I wanted to try one of their delicious looking pretzels and save room for fries. They use an authentic Pennsylvania pretzel recipe at Skippy’s; they even had a baker from Pennsylvania stay with them for a while to tech them how to make the best pretzels!

Steven got the chili cheese dog and said it was delicious. 

All of their fries are hand cut and the buns are lightly toasted.

I can’t wait to go back and try their veggie dog!

I can’t believe we had never been here before and it was right under our noses. I wonder what other places in town are waiting for us to discover them.

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Cat Photos Friday #45- Phone Photodump

 All snuggled up together to keep warm. A rare sight! But you can see Cloud beginning to get angry about the close proximity of Jeeves’ tail.
A Jeevey creeper
Cloud contemplates life while sitting in a box

Jeeves hates being cold. He thinks it’s my fault the house is freezing.
Chester the water fan, helps with my stamps.

Cloud’s favorite pastime is shredding toilet paper, and for that reason the bathroom door stays closed. Except this day I accidentally locked her in there for an hour. I like how her face seems to say “Well, what did you expect me to do?”
I’ll end with one of Chester’s awkward poses!

You can see more crazy photos at #chestercloudjeeves !
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New Hair

I changed my hair!

I wanted to grow it out really long, about to my mid waist, but it just wasn’t growing. In fact it had been the same length for about three years and I couldn’t figure out why!  Then just recently I realized that was incredibly damaged; the strands just kept snapping off and that’s why it looked like it hadn’t grown. It had gotten so bad that the hairs on the top of my head were only a few inches long, from where they had broken off. There was no saving it!  

I think the damage mainly came from washing my hair and using a hair dryer every single night, and then a straightener every morning for years. It was time to find a healthier hair routine! 

I bought myself a nice boars hair brush, some sharp scissors, a hair dryer with a cold setting and some lightener (One last round of damage!) 

I wanted it to be blonde again, because it’s easier to upkeep than red hair and I can dye it less. Also I only need to dye my roots when it’s blonde as opposed to my whole head. I decided to use this stuff because it’s supposed to be less damaging than bleach, and when I used it the first time I lightened my hair it it worked well.

Here is what it looked like before, this photo doesn’t show damage but it was there!

I realized that this lightener is mainly for un-dyed hair.. My roots turned blonde right away but the colored parts were stubborn!  I left it on for an hour and a half, the maximum amount of time it said to do.  The first time I had used it my hair wasn’t that dark, I didn’t take that into consideration this time.
Annnd this is what I ended up with. Blonde roots, red bangs and orange all over. So I ran out that morning and picked up another box of lightener.
An hour and a half later, it was still dang orange! But I didn’t want to lighten it a third time so I decided to go with it.
I gave myself this haircut, but it was really hard to style, the ends were super poofy and I couldn’t get them to do anything. It also sort of resembled a helmet. So I called my mom over and she gave it some layers to make it was easier to tame, and help it curl on its own.
And here is the result!  (The frizzy parts sticking out are the broken split ends)

 Of course the most annoying part of a new hairstyle is all the strange comments I have to put up with. When I showed up at work last Monday there were plenty of “What did you do?!” and “Was that on purpose?” My favorite response though was the lady who stared at me for a good 30 seconds before saying “You know, most salons can fix that.” And then wanted to give me the name of a place I could go! Another person asked me when I was going to be fixing it.

But despite everybody’s crazy opinions I really like it!  The orange has already faded quite a bit.

Also, the night before I took these last few photos I didn’t used shampoo when I washed my hair!  I tried that “no poo” method, using only baking soda and apple cider vinegar to bring back my hair’s natural oils. I expected my hair to be pretty greasy just like the tutorials warned, but it wasn’t!  Aside from being hard to comb when it was wet, it wasn’t any different from using shampoo. I think because I have been washing it a lot less for the past few months, it has already had the chance to start producing its natural oils again. I am going to keep it up this no poo thing and report back!

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Construction Zone- Part Three

We went back in December to see how the construction zone was going, and the bridge had been put up!  Maybe our biking trail will reopen soon, we’re anxious to have it back!
Also, the microwave was still there!!

This is the view from above.

I was shocked when I realized how many trees had been cut down and how much this area had changed.

 In contrast, this is the same exact place two years earlier.

And this is from the other direction, before and after,

They’re putting this new road in to help with the terrible traffic that builds up every day on the interstate and to give access to the newly renovated tobacco lofts.  They are putting in a diverging diamond interchange , which was apparently one of the best innovations of 2009.. So I guess that’s exciting.

It’s sad to see this pretty wooded area be torn down, but, that’s what happens in a growing city.  I couldn’t be more glad that we decided to go exploring this day; we had no idea that two years later all that stuff would be gone. This definitely motivates me to take more random shots of the city, because you never know when it might change.

Surprisingly enough though, the little shack that we snuck into was still standing!

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Easy Vegetarian Tacos

This is one of our favorite meals to make with our spiralizer.


Six zucchini
One can of corn
One can of black beans
One packet of taco seasoning
 Mozzarella cheese
Taco shells or tortillas

This recipe made enough for six people.
Chop the ends of all the zucchinis an spiralize them on the large noodle setting. After spriralizing I cut the noodles into shorter more manageable pieces
Saute the zucchini noodles on medium heat with a little bit of olive oil until they just barely start to turn transparent.  I prefer them to be on the firmer side rather than the mushy side, so you have to be careful not to over cook.  They also produce a lot of water which I drain out to avoid forming a soup.

Once the zuccini is drained, put it back in the pot and add the black beans and corn.
After a couple minutes add the taco seasoning, mix well and then it’s ready to serve!

My favorite topping are mozzarella, iceberg lettuce and guacamole
Prepare your tortilla or taco shell and enjoy!  

What are your favorite taco ingredients?

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Christmas 2014

I meant to post this when it was still December, before everyone got burnt out on seeing Christmas posts, but life doesn’t always work out like you plan it!  Anyway, bear with me through one last Christmasy post about the big day!

Christmas morning at my mom’s house!

Steven and I are into drawing pictures on gifts, it gets more and more out of hand every year. Some of them ended up not even having names on them. Just pictures.

On Christmas Eve we drove around and looked at Christmas lights. I took pictures but I am going to save them for next year!

Zoe was in love with my gift.

(It was a birdfeeder! Thanks mom!)

A gift that Steven got me. Our nickname for Jeeves is corndog because he stretches out really long and for some reason we think he looks like a corndog.

Inside were some GIANT MICROBES. I’ve been wanting some of these guys for a while so I was pretty excited to get them!

I got hay fever! 

Here’s my mom hiding behind her present. Or if you read the drawings, from my cats to her cats.  It was a vegetable spiralizer!

My sister got an cool sewing basket full of old books!

The cats had a good Christmas too!

Some other presents I got included miniature erasers in the shape of food, a book about my favorite fish, the coelacanth and some film!  What did you guys get?