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My Valentine’s Day

We keep it pretty low key around here for Valentine’s day, but that’s how we like it!

We met my mom and sister for breakfast at a place we discovered once while out exploring called breakfast time.
The first flower of the year bloomed that day!  Crocus always used to bloom on my birthday but it’s been unusually cold here so this guy was a week late.
For lunch we got the crazy idea to make grilled cheese chip sandwiches. Man were they good!

I noticed the cats had chewed some of my plants so I took that as a hint that they wanted more greens in their life, and planted some cat grass.
For dinner we stopped by a gas station for some snacks and picked up a little Caesars pizza. We also ordered a jalapeno  cheese sauce and dipped our pizza in it. It was divine. I recommend it. 

So it was mostly a lazy day spent eating strange foods, and what a good day it was!

Also, head on over to my mom’s blog Make it Special for lovely Valentine’s day photos from around her home!

How did you spend your Valentine’s day?

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My Birthday

I turned twenty four on the eighth, and to celebrate, Steven, my mom my sister and I went to a little town called Mount Airy to check out the little shops and have lunch. 

We started the day with breakfast at my mom’s house which included scrambled eggs, fruit and muffins. And I got this cute little pinata! I will set him up on a cute shelf when I have a craft area one day.

Mount Airy is a small little town that the Andy Griffith show was based off of. I just love all the old style buildings.

We checked out plenty of antique stores, and acted awkward in the toy store.

Snappy lunch is a popular spot that serves a famous porkchop sandwich, but we ate at a different diner this time, since I’m not a porkchop eater.  I got a delicious pimento cheese sandwich!

Towards the end of our shopping trip, we stumbled onto this glorious place..

There were so many delicious looking treats, it was hard to choose what to get! I ended up choosing the super chocolate moonshine brownie, it was so yummy but I could only take about three bites before it felt like my blood had turned into sugary syrup. 

All in all it was a fun birthday. I’ve reached the point where I’ve started to forget how old I am! Am I 22? 23? 24? They’ve all blurred together.  I guess because my most exciting birthdays are behind me now, there’s none left that I really can’t wait to turn. I’m certainly not dreading getting older, but I sure don’t have a countdown going like I did for my 18th or 21st.
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Cat Photos Friday #47- Dishwasher Explorer

Chester, our water cat, has been intrigued by our dishwasher. He can hear the water sloshing around inside it and wants to get the to the water so bad! So the other day when it was open, he ventured inside in search of the water.

Cloud and Jeeves were only mildly interested.

After a few sniffs Jeeves had enough, He does not like weird things.  Cloud wanted to explore a little bit more though.
No luck this time, but I’m sure he’ll be back to continue his water search again!

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Self Journal: Optimism

(I had a sudden burst of creativity yesterday. I had words in my head that I had to write down that second. I used my phone notepad. Then I decided to post it here… Not sure of this will become a theme or not, but I always liked the idea of a blog being more of a journal. Anyway..)

Monday, February 2nd 2015

It didn’t get dark until almost six today. I felt a sudden rush of optimism as I looked out the kitchen window, seeing light instead of the usual darkness that greets me when I get home from work. 

The smell of roasted cauliflower and lemon pepper tilapia filled the air, some seeds I had ordered last week sat on the counter top next to me, and for just a second it felt like summer. 

 I finally felt the optimism I had been waiting for all weekend that never came. I thought for sure that I would have to wait another week before there was any chance at feeling optimistic again. Mondays are never good days and the soreness in my arms and back didn’t go away over the weekend like I had hoped. But somehow they didn’t scream in protest every time I moved today, maybe I am finally on the mend. Today was a better Monday than I had anticipated.