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Bodie Island Lighthouse

During our brief, cold beach visit, we managed to check out one of the lighthouses. I had been to this one a few times before but never climbed it before this day.

Folklore says the lighthouse was named after all the dead sailors that shipwrecked on the outer banks’ jagged shores, but really it’s named after the body family who first purchased the land where the lighthouse sits.

I love lighthouse interiors; stepping inside is like stepping back in time. There is such a spooky and lonely atmosphere to them.

It’s a long climb up 214 steps to the top.

A view from the bottom looking all the way up. I wonder if anyone has ever fallen off the steps..

Bodie Island Lighthouse overlooks the marshland between the outbanks and the mainland.  It was interesting to climb the lighthouse on a stormy day and see the storm clouds swirling around us. In this photo you can kind of see the rain coming down on the mainland in the distance.

As soon as we climbed down the lighthouse the rain started really coming down, so we raced to a little shelter and waited for it to pass. This vacation sure was an adventure!

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Cat Photos Friday #61- Cat Tree Hangouts

These guys sure love their cat tree, although they’ve nearly torn it to shreds! One of these days I am going to cover it in some sort of fabric.

Jeeves likes to race through the house at lighting speed, take a running leap onto the cat tree, bolt to the top and stand tall.

He’s a shy guy, but he’s brave when he’s on the cat tree. Usually he doesn’t let anyone else touch him besides me, but when he’s feeling bold on the cat tree, he’ll let just about anybody pet him a couple times.
But then he gets weird and hides again!

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Veggie Garden Update

I got all my veggies planted and am enjoying seeing them grow. I started most of the seedlings indoors about three or four weeks earlier than last year to give them a better head start, which ended up being around the last week in February .  I really think I could have started them earlier though, especially the peppers because they take a long time to sprout. Next year I am going to start them on the first of February, which will be fun because February is such a boring month for me!

My tomatoes are doing great!  I did three regular tomato plants and three beefsteak tomato plants. I am overexcited to have fried green tomato sandwiches!
My cucumbers are doing great too. I’m not a huge fan of cucumbers, but I kind of want to try making pickles so I planted them anyway.

I decided to add more flowers to my garden this year. I plants lots of marigolds and nasturtiums that I grew from seed to look pretty among my veggies and also to help keep bad bugs away from them.
 I love how the nasturtium leaves look like tiny lily pads. 
Last year suqash borers ruined every squash plant I had. So this year I put little shirts around them to protect them. Hopefully it works!  I planted so many different kinds of squash and gourds.
Cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower are coming along nicely. I put in new plants every couple of weeks to hopefully have a constant harvest.
Last year my Luffa plants failed miserably. They finally grew fruits but they didn’t mature in time before the first frost. This year I started them way earlier but dang bugs kept coming along and chewing them! Even though I put strong repellent on them. They look pretty sad but are making progress, I really hope they work this year!

My peas are doing great!  Last year they didn’t do anything. They sprouted, looked really bad and then died. This year a planted about 4 times as many thinking most of them would die, but, actually they all lived and now I have peas taking over an entire corner of my garden. But that’s okay because I love peas!

The only thing I am discouraged about are my carrots. I planted seeds weeks ago and they have barely done anything. I put a bunch of fertilizer on them so maybe that will speed them up. Haha.

Are you growing any vegetables this year? 
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A Trip to the Beach in the Cold

So I quit my job the other week, and Steven decided to take a week off as well. We were trying to decide what to do with our time and we thought it would be fun to go to the beach for a few days.

We decided to go to Nags Head at the Outer Banks, we hadn’t been there since our honey moon and I love it there.

I always feel like I’m going to jump out of my seat from excitement when we get to the giant bridges

But the main reason we decided to come to the Outer Banks, was because this place has been on our minds for nearly two years straight.. Slice Pizzeria….

They have a whole bunch of lovely delicious pizzas of all kinds, and you order by the slice. They have a wide selection of different veggies pizzas and I love them all.

I swear I mentioned this place about every other week for the past two years. I am obsessed! 

We left early that morning and got to the beach around lunchtime. Since we couldn’t check in to our place until 3, we drove straight to Slice Pizzaria! So basically we drove four and a half hours to get a pizza slice, and it was so worth it! We ate there every day, for three days.. I regret nothing.
Conveniently located next to Slice Pizzeria is a place called Duck Donuts, where they sell the best donuts in the whole wide world. I’m sure of it.

 They’re all the same price and you can get whatever topping you like, whether that’s chocolate syrup or bacon! I went with the plain glazed and Steven got pink lemonade frosting. We brought some home for my mom and sister, I’m still surprised that they made it all the way home!
When your order your donut they make it right there in front of you so it’s hot, gooey  and fresh when you bite into it. They are made from a cake batter dough and it’s perfectly crispy on the outside, with a soft warm center. (My mouth is watering!)

 Unfortunately the beach was a cold and unfriendly place those few days. The temperature stayed around 50 degrees and the wind made it feel like 30. Plus it rained almost the whole time. 

We forced ourselves to sit on the beach for a little bit though.  Some crazy people thought it seemed like a good time to go kite boarding. We watched them as they braved the frigid seas in front of us, we yelled and screamed as they did flips in the air; partly because the tricks were cool, partly because we were frozen solid and it felt good to yell about it. There we were, bundled up in sweaters, wrapped in our beach towels and holding onto our beach hats,  yelling like maniacs as the wind penetrated into the very core of our souls. 

I also had an obnoxious cold while we were there. The kind that wakes you up in the middle of the night with a coughing fit and you think you’ll never be able to breath without coughing again!  Steven snapped this sneaky pic of me with my trusty tissue.. This was pretty much how I looked the entire trip; Kleenex in the face!
It did stop raining long enough for us to visit one of the light houses. I’ll share more on that later!

Despite the bad weather it was still a fun trip, the beach is a strange place in the cold. I can’t wait to go to the beach again. This time in August!

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The Front Garden in the Spring

These were taken about a month ago when my spring flowers were in full bloom. I didn’t post them then, because my brain was being weird and convinced me I was waiting for something before I posted them. Since I have no idea what  I was supposedly waiting for, here they are!

The Phlox are my favorite, I only wish they bloomed for longer than a couple weeks! 

The lawn was also filled with pretty flowers! 

This flower garden is only two years old and I can’t believe how much everything has grown! See my post from last year for some before and after shots.

Did you plant any flowers this spring?
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This April

Hi guys! It’s been an interesting month. I quit my job, took some time off to recuperate from these crazy last six months and now I feel like I’m back in action. I’ve got lots of blog post ideas and I’ve finally started making resin stuff again. It’s funny how something can zap all your creativity and motivation. I am glad to be getting it back.

I got all my veggie sprouts in the ground
I got a cold twice, lots of soup with extra pepper to the rescue!
I added two more cameras to my collection
I started making coffee with this french press from Ikea, I love it!
During my first week off work we spent a few days at the beach. Unfortunately it was freezing cold and rainy the whole time! We still managed to have fun though
My flowers are in full bloom!

I am looking forward to May, and I hope everybody has a wonderful month!