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Construction Zone- Part Four

For the past year our favorite trail has been closed due to construction of a huge bridge. We have been visiting it regularly to see how it is coming along. See Parts onetwo and three here.

The bridge is nearly complete! Maybe the trail will be open soon! This time there were no cool machines to look at, and the microwave was gone.

It hadn’t rained in about a month, so all the dirt had dried up and cracked like a giant desert.

Even though the greenway is technically closed, it doesn’t stop some people from going though!

There was a tiny trail though the grass, just big enough to fit a bike through.

Since the trail doesn’t see much traffic these day, the animals have moved in!

I can’t wait for the trail to be open again.

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Weekly Journal #2

Worked 55 hours this week, eleven of which were on a Saturday much to my disgust. All the consultants came to argue out the future of the company in a nine hour meeting at the production plant. It wasn’t the huge disaster everyone expected, but I think we’re all mildly traumatized from it.. At least they bought us coffee, doughnuts and Jimmy Johns!

In addition to attending the eternity long meeting, I also had to  run a very important experiment. Hopefully it worked out!

After a month long drought, it finally rained! It was nice to have a break from watering the garden.

We hit another jackpot at Lowes. Scored these guys for 50 cents each, originally 20!
This is a short week for me. We get Friday off because Fourth of July is on the weekend, and I decided to take Thursday off too since I worked too much last week 🙂 I plan on working on my resins!

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Lemon Sprouts

I have been wanting my own lemon tree for a while now, but anytime I see one for sale they’re either too expensive or not the kind of lemon I want.

So I decided to grow my own from seeds!
I bought a lemon at food lion. Online guides suggest buying an organic lemon because otherwise it might have a spray on it to stop it from sprouting. However, food lion is a lot closer than Trader Joe’s and my car didn’t have air conditioning at the time so I thought I’d give food lion lemons a try first.
I cut the lemon up and removed all the little seeds. You’re supposed to remove all the pulp from the seeds so they don’t mold, which was really hard! Those darn seeds are so slippery and I definitely lost a couple down the sink. After I finally got all the pulp off I soaked them overnight to help with germination.
The next day I planted each seed in a tiny pot with some nice potting soil, then I put them on a warm sunny windowsill and waited..

I waited and waited..

I waited for four weeks…

And then I decided that my lemon had been too covered in pesticide to sprout and should have braved the heat and made the long hot trip to Trader Joe’s.

But suddenly! Sprout!!!  I was so excited! And sure enough, they all started to pop up, one by one.
It has been about a month and a half and six out of eight sprouted. I was not expecting that many to work out. They’re so cute!
I have no idea what I’m going to do with six lemon trees, but that’s a problem I don’t mind having. I read it can take about four years for them to start making fruit. I can’t wait!

Now I kind of want to sprout some orange trees, and maybe some lime trees while I’m at it.. I think I need a greenhouse.
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Lighthouse at Night

Lighthouses are eerie, especially at night.

It’s strange to imagine, that years ago, back before all the vacation homes, before all the shopping centers, back when hardly anyone lived on the island, it was somebody’s lonely job, to keep the lighthouse lit every night.  

It’s so lonely out here. Nothing but the sound of crickets, frogs and the distant crash of waves. Everything is pitch dark, except the eerie flash of the light.

On our visit here two years ago, we were driving around at night, and wondered if it was possible to drive up to the lighthouse at night, and it was, the gates apparently stay open!  Nobody was around and it was so dark and creepy. I wanted to take photos so bad, but I couldn’t figure out how to use my camera properly. 

It was so fun visiting the lighthouse at night. We knew we had to do it again when we were here last month, and I have since figured out how to use my camera so I finally got my night lighthouse shots.

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Weekly Journal- #1

I have never been successful at keeping a journal. I have tried on and off for most of my life but always seem to give up after a few entries. I started this blog as a more fun way to journal, but I never quite got into the journaling side of it. So here is my attempt at a weekly journal entry!

The majority of the week at work was consumed by inventorying. It was the task of me and my only lab coworker to document every item in the entire lab and the giant hoard in the basement. Thousands of test tubes, hundreds of hard to pronounce chemicals and one #10 stink skunk later, we were finally finished and close to hysterics. I continue to laugh every time I think of the #10 stink skunk. 

Just one of many strange things found in the hoard!

I once again got dragged along on a business meeting. This time just me and the boss. I surprised myself by not being an awkward weirdo and actually saying a few things of interest. 

Friday morning I was greeted by giant flood at work. The lab above ours sprung a leak and came through the hole in the ceiling. Spending an hour mopping the floor was a nice break from the inventory monotony. 

The 95 degree heat makes it hard to enjoy the outdoors. A bike ride was out of the question this week.

The squash borers have arrived in my veggie garden. So far I have been winning the war against them.

Saturday we hit the clearance plant jackpot at Lowes and came home with these bad boys.

All in all, not a bad week.

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Land Camera Photo Shoot

I have been working on fixing up my polaroid land cameras. Getting them all cleaned, restoring their batteries and writing a little user guide. Then I got inspired to do a photo shoot with my first and favorite one, and before I knew what was happening, I had a whole 1960s thing going on.

And maybe it was because I have watched a little too much Mad Men, but I couldn’t seem to take a photo without having a crabby expression..

I sure do love this camera and I can’t wait to share more about it soon!  I also can’t wait to find some vintage clothes to fuel this new 60s vibe I’ve been feeling.
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New in the Shop

I just added a bunch of these cute bonsai magnets to my Etsy Shop!
I did a variety of ones with a black background and some with a mint background. I can’t decide which ones I like best!

I really love these bonsai stamps, they’re definitely one of my favorites to make. Maybe it’s because it was these stamps in particular that made me dream up my resin business!  It all started when Steven found them on a box at work and brought them home to me because he thought I would like them. And I did!  I liked them so much in fact, that I held on to them for months and months trying to figure out exactly what to do with them. I ended up ruining my original bonsai stamps in a resin disaster, but I found more on ebay and have made plenty of magnets and necklaces to make up for my ruined ones. 

Do any of you guys have Etsy shops?  If so, post a link and I’ll follow you!