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Cat Photos Friday #70- Photo Shoot Outtakes

These photos are from the cat’s July Fourth Photo shoot, they were too silly not to share!

I use treats to get their attention and they like to jump up and attack my hand for the treat. Which results in some silly photos!!

Cloud thought that particular lei made her look fat, and was not amused..

Look at his vampire fang!

This is how I know the photo shoot is over; They just walk away, in their silly little outfits.
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New in The Shop

I am pretty excited about these cute little sea shell necklaces I have made! They’re the perfect accessory to a summer time outfit.

All of them are made with mini shells I collected from the beach last year.

Whenever we go to the beach, there is always what I call the “crunchy layer”, which are little deposits of tiny shell fragments and stones buried under the sand or in a strand along the beach. I love digging through them and searching for mini seashells, and last year I had the great idea to make them into resin necklaces!

There are only four in my shop right now, but I have plenty more I am hoping to add later this week, so keep an eye out!
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Weekly Journal #6

This past work week was mildly irritating, mainly due to the fact that my microbes were being little buttheads and wouldn’t grow properly.

 Finally on Friday they got their act together and I was able to put them into the 200 individually labeled little tubes that I slaved over most of the day on Tuesday -_-

We got to ride our bikes a few times this week and it was so much fun and I have no idea how we got out of the habit. Did eight miles yesterday!

Improving my pizza baking skills… I think I may have perfected my thin, crispy, whole wheat crust!

Two more cameras were added to my collection this week, which gave me a boost to get back to taking more film photos. (And finally getting them developed!) So that’s what I hope to be up to this next week.

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New Backyard

Our backyard has changed quite a bit this year..

When we got our new shed, we knew it was time to say goodbye to this rusty old guy. We found someone on Craigslist who was looking for scrap metal, and when he saw the metal shed, he said he was going to try and use it as a duck house! What fun!

Then we were left with this empty concrete slab, and thought it seemed like the perfect place for a pergola. We thought about building one ourselves, but then Lowe’s was having a great sale and we couldn’t pass this one up for 100 dollars off!

I’ve had fun planting all kinds of flowers around and training vines to grow up it.
I even made a few container gardens which I haven’t really done before, it was so fun! But I can’t stand to watch them die this winter so now I’m gonna have to try to find places for them in my house. -_-
We made this little flower pot fountain, and helped ourselves to a few plants out of my mom’s pond.
I love those giant elephant ear plants!  I really hope they survive the winter.

I am also loving our new fence. Now I don’t have to worry about anybody looking at me when I go outside!
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Weekly Journal #5

This past week at work was rather busy, and I ended up working 10 hours most days. Not my favorite. It took most of the week for my soreness to disappear, I still can’t believe sitting with bad posture for two days affected me for two weeks. Won’t be making that mistake again.
On Saturday we were finally able to ride our bikes for the first time this year. Even though it was 95 degrees out, it was so much fun and I can’t wait to start riding almost every  day like we used to. 
A mysterious gourd and a mini pumpkin bloomed this week!
My water bath fungus grew like crazy and kinda scares me a little bit.. Into the autoclave with him!
A lot of my free time this week was spent researching my family tree; I am obsessed! Turns out I am a mix of Polish, Austrian, and French Canadian with a little bit of English and Scottish thrown in there. Most of my family came to America in the late 1880s/early 1900s, so it was exciting to learn that I am only a few generations removed from my European ancestry. It is so interesting to learn where your ancestors came from, and I want to trace them back as far as possible!
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July Fourth Party

This year Steven and I decided to have a July Fourth party at our house, since we have been fixing up our backyard. 

We grilled up some hotdogs on our cute little grill.

There’s my little veggie dog on top of all the big meaty dogs..

Me and my friend Alex!

Later that evening we took some mildly creepy sparkler night shots, we were all too hyped up on hot dogs to stand still apparently.
I like how my sister’s  leg is just floating around, doing it’s own thing in this shot..

It was a fun time We definitely should invite people over more often, we’re not the most social people on the planet.. Haha.
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Summer Flowers

These were taken about a month ago when the summer plants started blooming in the front garden.

Sometimes I don’t feel very creative about taking photos. And then I put my 50 mm lens on, and get re-inspired with the lovely photos it takes!

Snap Dragons are such a fun plant. I especially like this red one!

My fern clones are loving life!

I need to make a habit of going out and photographing my garden more often. Flowers change so much it’s easy to miss them!
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What I Wore- High Waist!

Outfit Details
Shirt: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Target
Belt: Thrifted

Last summer I was on a search for some high waisted shorts, preferably in navy. But I never found any! (Most likely because my hours at work had been cut so I tried to avoid places where spending money was possible) But not long ago I stumbled upon these at H&M and knew they had been what I was looking for! I really like them!

  It’s funny, years ago, when low rise was all the rage, I was horrified at the very thought of wearing pants that went above my hips. But now I am definitely looking forward to the return of higher waisted pants. Not only do I think they are more flattering, but it’s nice to be able to bend over without worrying about showing my backside to the world, or my hips hurting from wearing too small pants in order to keep them from showing my bum.