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Weekly Journal #4

A slow week at work, which unfortunately meant I sat at my desk a lot, which unfortunately meant my back and shoulders got really sore. Apparently I have to sit up straight 100 % of the time to avoid a sore back, and even then it’s iffy. This week I suspect, will consist of me keeping myself busy by making up random things to do around the lab to avoid sitting down. 

Most of my free time this week was spent hanging out with the plants, pruning my bonsais and fertilizing. I also got back into making resins and ended up with a whole bunch of new ones that will hopefully make it into my shop before long.

I accidentally grew a fungus in my water bath at work.  I moved him to a petri dish for my own amusement.
I really wanted to ride my bike last week, but then I had to go and get all sore. Maybe it will happen this week!
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My Tiny Cactuses

My little cactuses have grown a lot since last year! They’ve started to take their own shape and I’m so excited to finally see what types of cacti those little sprouts ended up being. These guys are now two years old.

My favorite one has gotten huuge!

These are the ones I seeded a year ago, they’re just about big enough to get their own pots 🙂

I think this is the one start started off with the three points last year, that I wanted to keep my eye on. I like him!

Not all the cacti make it.. Those little clumps of spikes are ones that just gave up and died :/

And here we have the newest batch of baby cactuses!

Planting my cactus seeds is something I look forward to every spring. It’s so much fun, and I love seeing what kind of sprouts I get! 

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Weekly Journal #3

A three day work-week and then a four day weekend, definitely makes up for my one day weekend last week.
 My first day off was spent cleaning and organizing. I moved all the storage boxes from the hall closet up to the attic, so now for the first time ever, we can use that closet. Why it took three years for me to realize that stuff can be stored in the attic, I’ll never know.

It was unusual that no rabbits had visited our yard yet this year, then I finally spotted one. Her name is Basil.

One day at work was dedicated to making many, many petri dishes. Then making some more the next day when I miscounted and didn’t have enough.

One morning during the long weekend we walked to our local grocery store/cafe and got breakfast, plus stocked up on milk. 

Still managing to win the war against squash borers, and saw this cute guy on one of my squash vines.

My yummy veggie dog on our July Fourth cookout.

I really like having long weekends.

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Cat Photos Friday #66- Fourth of July

The cats are all decked out and excited for the Holiday weekend!

(These expressions are the hilarious result of me making a high pitch noise in attempt to make them look at the camera!)
Cloud acts like a statue and lets me drape her in all kinds of party paraphernalia. 

Jeeves knows cats don’t belong on tables, so I always have the worst time getting him in the photos. Then I realized I could move the photo shoot elsewhere. Problem solved! 

It’s time to party! 

I hope everyone in the US has a good Fourth! And I hope everyone else has a great weekend!

See last year’s July Fourth photo shoot here!
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This June

June was probably the best month I’ve had all year. I have settled back in at work and it feels like I never left. I go in at about seven in the morning which means I can get home early in the day and be productive around the house and have plenty of time for fun summer activities!

It’s nice to have my own desk again that I can decorate, without worrying about a different shift stealing my stuff, or blood serum and pee getting splashed on everything 🙂 

I got back in to clay again after seeing it on sale at the craft store… When I was little I would play with clay every. single. day. For years! I hope this doesn’t awaken anything in me..
We made a flower pot pond and couldn’t believe it when a dragon friend came to visit!
First tomatoes of the year! We made fried green tomato sandwiches with them, so good!

June was a really good month. Finally!  I hope everybody had a great June as well!