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Gladiolus Flowers

I had heard of Gladiolus flowers before, but I didn’t really know anything about them, and I never thought about growing them. But one day early this spring, Steven saw 40 Gladiolus bulbs at Lowe’s for 9 dollars. The picture on the bag looked pretty and it sounded like a good deal so we went for it!  We planted the bulbs around the garden and watched as the leaves sprouted up out of the ground over the course of a few months. Finally around the beginning of July, they started to flower!  We were very pleased with how they turned out.

I think the buds look pretty neat before the flowers pop out.

We planted single bulbs in different locations, instead of planting a clump. When they get bigger I think I will divide them up and put all different colors together.
I just love this buttery yellow color.
My favorite was this pink one that had some yellow markings in the middle.

Gladiolus is now one of my favorite flowers!  Hopefully these bulbs will survive the winter, because I can’t wait to see them again next year.

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Biking Adventures

We finally started riding our bikes again. We used to ride them all the time, but the last few years we have been seriously slacking.

Our favorite bike trail has been closed for construction, but we decided to be rebellious and bike it anyway. The first part of the construction zone was nearly complete and easy to bike though.

The new bridge is already sporting some graffiti.
Unfortunately the second construction area was a little bit too muddy to get through so we had to turn around. It was still a fun little adventure though.

Since the trail is closed, they haven’t been bothering to keep with the mowing. I personally prefer the overgrown look!

The other trail we like is off in the country. It’s a nice flat path with lovely views of pastures and fancy houses.
More graffiti sightings! 
Biking is definitely my favorite way to exercise!

Do you any of you guys ride bikes as well?

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Weekly Journal #8

The week started off with some epic home made burritos. We cooked up a huge pot of filling and ate burritos the entire week. I’m pretty happy about it.

Another irritating week at work.. But on a happier note, I finally got the agar I have been wanting for the past three years!
My first luffa bloomed!  Last year my luffas didn’t grow fast enough before the frost hit, hopefully this guy can make it!
I got some Polaroid film in the mail. I’ve never used impossible film before and I can’t wait to try it out. They also sent me that neat sicker!

It’s finally beach week! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!  

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Cat Photos Friday #71- Chester and the Evil Toe Nail Polish

The other day I painted my toe nails this pretty color, and Chester did NOT approve. He came and stared at my feet looking very annoyed.

Eventually he got tired, but he still wanted to keep an eye on my toes..

I think the nail polish was a little bit minty scented, which I liked, but I think that’s what freaked Chester out. I read somewhere once that cats hate the smell of mint. Poor guy!

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Anniversary and Sushi

August first was the five year anniversary of our first date, which was also my first time trying sushi.

So it’s a tradition to always get sushi on our anniversary!  This year a new buffet opened up in town that had a fresh sushi bar, so we had to check it out.

It was delicious and I tried every piece of sushi they had.

They also had delicious mint mousse for dessert that I am still thinking about..
After we napped off our food coma, we took a trip to Pilot Mountain in hopes of walking off some of the junk we ate that day.

It was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see what year six holds!
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Weekly Journal #7

This past week at work was not a very encouraging one. But, I knew what I was getting into coming back to this place, so I won’t complain!

We finally got some rain at the end of the week. It’s fun to water my garden, but it does get a bit tedious, having to do it day after day in the sticky heat. I’m glad to have some help from the clouds.
We went out to eat for my best friends birthday. I didn’t take any pictures, like a dummy, but I did manage to snap one of the new art park downtown.
One of my coworkers drew a chemical on the whiteboard in the lab, then somebody else drew a flower so I thought I would add to it and draw a cat! But the very next day somebody had erased just the cat and the flower, so I redrew them. But with frowns because they didn’t appreciate being erased. We’ll see if they’re still there on Monday!
Saturday was the five year anniversary of our first date, so we went to an Asian buffet and I ate a ridiculous amount of sushi. I regret nothing.

I will not be focused on work this week, or anything for that matter because next Sunday… BEACH.

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This July

My flowers continued to bloom. This was our first year growing Gladiolus, they were a success! 

We hosted a July Fourth party and I baked an apple pie, crust and all!

We have finally started biking again, and can’t get enough!

My veggie garden has made a few things. We have loved making fried green tomato sandwiches.

My Jalapeno bonsai has been hard at work. 🙂

July ended up being a pretty good month. We haven’t been doing as many outdoor activities as I would like, but it has been just so darn hot outside. Like the type of hot where the air feels thick, and you break a sweat even when standing in the shade not moving. It makes me feel like I’m going to suffocate. I am not cut out for living in this kind of heat.. 

But, we’re in the last month of summer now and it should be cooling down a bit. I used to hate August, it was by far my least favorite month. But now I have grown to like it. It’s kind of a last chance to squeeze as much fun out of summer as you can, and the feeling that fall is just around the corner is always exciting. But perhaps my favorite part of August, is our BEACH TRIP. I love the beach so much and I am stupid excited for our trip next week. 

I hope everybody has a lovely month ahead!