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Ghost of Halloweens Past

To help get into a spooky mood in preparation for Halloween at the end of this week, I thought I would share some creepy photos from Halloweens past.

Halloween was my Dad’s favorite holiday. He took pride in having the scariest house on the block. (Heck, probably the whole city!)

There were many kids, and even adults that were afraid to even come up to the house. There were so many spooky things, you never knew what was going to pop out at you!

I love the creepy glow of all the eerie colored lights.

A ghoulish cabinet, home to many skeletons and spiders. 

As October progressed, the front yard was slowly turned into a scary cemetery. 

This year we are going to have a small little party at our house and hand out candy. Although our house will not be nearly as scary as this! Maybe one day..

What are you plans for the spooky day?
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Weekly Journal #18

Last week started off with my microbes getting contaminated again and again at work. Which means I had to repeat the same dang experiment three times. But I finally stopped the contamination and we ended up getting great results, so that was exciting.
My mom made french onion soup this week. We have it about once a year in the fall and I love it.

I ate lunch outside every day this week at work under the birch trees. They’re just starting to change color.

On Saturday we carved pumpkins and I got a chance to try this root beer beer. It was so good!

It’s Halloween this week and we don’t have any plans so far.. But! I am about to explode from excitement for next Sunday because for me, that marks the start of… CHRISTMAS!!!

(Yes, I’m one of those people…)
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The Fair Came to Town

It’s that magical time of year again, when the fair comes to town..

I love everything about it. The bright colors, the wild food, the crazy atmosphere. 

I just like to wander around, and try to capture the the fun and excitement in my photos. I could spend an entire day and night here, just taking photos! 

My favorite thing to photograph is the big ferris wheel. And guess what…

It has a baby now!! 

I thought it was so cute that there was a tiny ferris wheel which was almost an except replica to the big one.

When I was younger my friends and I would ride all the rides, all day long, but now they make me nauseous. This one always scared me. I thought I was going to go flying off into the air every time I rode it.

Now the only thing I ride is the ferris wheel, but it scares me too. It goes waay faster than you’d think! Or at least it feel fast to me. But I like seeing the view from the top, when I stop screaming long enough to pay attention.

Since I don’t ride rides anymore, the main event is the food! But that’s a whole other post 🙂

(I kind of wanted a cotton candy colored gorilla!)

Is there a fair that comes to your town? What is your favorite part?
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Weekly Journal #17

This week was pretty good; still getting used to my new job. I will be working 10 hours a day, four days a week. The long days take some getting used to, but I am excited about having a three day weekend!

My view when I get to work in the morning. I wake up before the sun!
We were finally able to finish the new path in the backyard. I think it turned out quite well.  I also planted 36 pansies! They were on clearance for 50 cents a six pack at Lowes because they weren’t flowering just yet. 
We went to an autumn bonfire and I baked these fudgy brownie pumpkin treats.

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Ghost Tour

Earlier this month I went on a ghost tour of a historic area of Winston-Salem. I never knew my city had a ghost tour, and I love learning about the city’s past, so I was bursting at the seams to go.

You are told to meet on the corner of two streets at dusk. My friend and I arrived, not sure what to expect, or who to look for. But soon enough, a man dressed in period clothing and carrying a lantern seemed to appear out of thin air as he began to wander in circles, around the small group that had formed. We knew this must be our ghost host!

After a quick introduction, he turned and hurried down the street without another word. We raced to keep up.

We paused in front of old Victorian homes in the West End and heard the spooky tales from long ago, that are hidden inside their walls.

We wandered up and down the winding hills, hearing eerie stories, and piecing together some of the city’s colorful history.

After hearing the grim tale accompanying this building, I turned back to snap a photo.

 What’s that in the far right window pane?  Is it a light reflection? Or is it the ghost of the boy who lost his life here, so many years ago….

Towards the end of the tour, a light rain began to fall. We dashed from tree to tree in hopes of staying dry. The rain only added to the spooky excitement.

Before we knew it, we were back where we started and it was time to part ways. Each walking off in separate directions, disappearing into the black night.

The Winston-Salem Ghost Tour was so much fun, and I can’t wait to make it a spooky yearly tradition.

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Weekly Journal #16

Still trying to enjoy the autumn season to its fullest, by partaking in allll the Halloween candy!

I didn’t take many pictures this week, I’ve been busy with my new job!  I am working with growing bacteria, which is what I did at my old job so it’s a little familiar, which is nice. I like it a lot and am excited for all the new things I’m going to learn.

 Also, the company I am working for now is based out of Russia and a lot of things at work are in Russian.

Like my computer! I actually kind of wanted to learn Russian, so now I suppose I have a reason.

Last week was pretty tiring, getting used to all the new things. Hopefully this week I will be less tired. The weather is going to be great, and all the leaves have started changing so it’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors.
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Cat Photos Friday #80- Chester and Jeeves Day!

Monday is the three year anniversary of getting these guys!
 We moved into our house in September, and had planned on picking out ONE cat in October. We were very excited, so during the last week of September we went to Petsmart to look at cats, not expecting to pick any out.

Chester in his Petsmart cage!

But then we met a lady there, named Gina who had rescued a bunch of kittens from a feral colony, and they were all so cute!  She talked us into getting two, so they wouldn’t be lonely when we were at work all day. (we really didn’t need much convincing to get two!)

We picked out these two silly boys and were so excited to take them home a few days later! 

But then, a Cloud showed up on October first. The first day of cat month! Now we found ourselves with three cats instead of just one like we had planned!  It took a while to get used to, and it was a little stressful, but now it’s a bunch of fun! 
(Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have four cats..)
Chester and Jeeves hanging out with their other rescued friends.

I really liked this little grey guy. He was Jeeves’ friend and I kind of wish we adopted him too. Their faces and eyes look similar so I wonder if they were actual brothers. 

I always like to imagine what the cat’s siblings and parents looked like, because I’m crazy like that.
These guys are a bunch of fun, and I’m glad we were able to give them good homes! 

They’re very energetic, and after three years, they still act almost as crazy as kittens!