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Weekly Journal #32

I built the cutest snowman ever with all the snow we got last weekend, and he hung out in front of our house for a couple days.
It was Steven’s birthday on Wednesday so we went to dinner at the Old Salem Tavern. I got brie cheese in a puff pastry with crackers and smoked pepper jelly. It was really good, but too dark to get a decent picture.
I got an early birthday present in the mail from my Aunt. It’s my Grandpa’s stamp album!  It was a complete surprise because I never even knew he collected stamps.
I also got a surprise birthday bike from Steven! I am very excited to get out and ride, this one has a lot more speeds than my other one so I will not be limited by hills anymore!

I don’t think my poor snowman is enjoying the warm weather as much as I am….

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Cat Photos Friday #94- Snow Cats

Whenever it snows, I like to take the cats out on their leash to let them check it out. And this time they had their sweaters!

Jeeves had never been out in the snow before. I always thought he would get too cold and hate it, but he actually didn’t mind it!

Cloud’s goal was to chew every piece of grass sticking up through the snow.
Jeeves got so silly he even rolled in the snow!  Good thing he had his sweater on!

(Searching for more grass!)

They all had a lot of fun and didn’t want to come in!
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Old Salem in the Snow

After a snow storm last year, we made a quick stop in Old Salem before heading to work, to see all the historic shops and houses nestled under a blanket of snow.

The city of Winston-Salem started out as a small Moravian town in the mid 1700s named Salem. Eventually it merged with the neighboring town of Winston and then, Winston-Salem was born!

Many of the original buildings remain. I love to wander around, thinking of what it was like to walk the same streets those hundreds of years ago.

I love Old Salem in the snow!  Perhaps it should become a tradition when it snows to take a nice stroll through the historic streets of Salem.
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Weekly Journal #31

It snowed three different times this week!  The first two didn’t stick around too long, but on Friday we got hit with the “blizzard”. It was mainly just ice so that was really disappointing. But we got about 4-5 inches of it so it still looks pretty. 

At work I usually prepare 20 of these plates each day. On Wednesday I did 40, then on Thursday my boss suggested I do 60 and I agreed. Big mistake! I got so sore I thought for sure my arms would fall off before the day was over. I am still recovering from it.

The snowy view from work. I just love watching snow fall.

We found our new favorite dinner!  Home made mini square pizzas. They’re so good and pretty easy to make!

I loved all the snow we got this week, it was definitely the highlight! I wonder if next week will bring any more..

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Cat Photos Friday #93- New Cat!

Now for the story of this little cat!

She showed up at our house one day, just skin and bones and starving for food.

As she was busy munching away, Jeeves peeked out the window and fell in love at first sight!  I think he loved that they had matching colors.

She showed up nearly every day, screaming for food.

Jeeves would try to plow through the glass to get to her!
  Cloud didn’t like her at all, and Chester just thought he was looking at Jeeves, so he had no opinion on the matter.

It started getting really cold at night so I kept the door to the back porch cracked, and offered a warm bed. 

When it was really cold we thought we would bring her inside for the night and let her camp out in the bathroom. Well, the scent of her gave Jeeves a case of non recognition aggression and he forgot who Chester was and tried to kill him! I thought if I showed him his girlfriend that he loved so much, he would calm down, but then he tried to kill her too….

We put her back outside and it took days for Jeeves to stop trying to kill Chester. I thought everything was in the clear but then he smelled her lingering scent and it happened all over again. 

So sad! We thought we were about to get a new cat.

She enjoyed hanging around out yard, even the roof!

She was not amused when I made her pose for a picture before dinner. But she looked so funny sitting on that post!

After a while she started peeking in the windows, and driving Jeeves even more insane!

I loved this little cat, but we couldn’t keep her around without out guys losing their minds!
(They even managed to knock over this greenhouse during their madness!)
 I started walking her up to my mom’s house to see if she would stick around there. My mom let her spend a few nights inside and her cats had a much less extreme reaction, so she decided to keep her!  This little gal is a very good cat and will hopefully become great friends with her two new sisters. 🙂

We’re still thinking of a name. I called her Maude, but my mom is liking the name Rosie. What do you think?

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Current Inspiration: Cottage Gardens!

During the long dark winter nights when I’m stuck inside, I like to dream about my garden to keep from going stir crazy.

On my mind this year are cottage style gardens like this one. With all kinds of flowers, overflowing with tall colorful blooms. This year I have high hopes for growing a beautiful garden of wildflowers. Here are some of my ideas!

I love how foxgloves and irises look together. I started some foxgloves by seed inside, hopefully I started them early enough so they’ll flower in the spring.
One day I hope to have a  glorious iris collection. I have been adding a few new colors to my garden each year, they’re so pretty!

I just love how cottage gardens look growing along a cute little fence.
I think allium is such a striking plant. I bought a pack of bulbs last fall and I can’t wait to see how they look this spring!
 I have never seen pink allium before but I need some.

 Cone flowers like these pink ones are another one of my favorites. I bought a few clumps of them last spring so hopefully they made it through the winter and will grow back even bigger.
 I hope that my garden will look as full and lush as this one does. I have had some pretty dismal attempts in the past!

The first year I started all my seeds inside, but I only had room for so many so I didn’t have as many plants as I would like, but it still ended up pretty. The next year I planted them all directly in the ground, but then a late frost hit so it killed most of them off. Last year I waited too long to plant them and they took forever to grow.
This year I am going to buy a whole bunch of wildflower seed packets and put some directly in the ground, and also start some inside, so hopefully this will finally be the year for my wildflower garden!

Does anybody else have any garden plans for this spring?
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Weekly Journal #30

These winter days seem to run together. I really wished it snowed more here, because I find winter to be quite boring otherwise. Since it’s so dark all the time I barely take any pictures this time of year.  In fact, I only took these three photos this week, which I think is an all time low for me!

Unfortunately we did not become millionaires this week. We had never bought a power ball ticket before and almost didn’t do it because we weren’t sure how and were being awkward as usual. Turns out you just go up to the counter and ask for one! 
I listened to these guys all week at work nonstop, after having not listened to them in years!

(Because school made me forget everything I once loved and I’m having to rediscover it all over again :P)
On Friday I had a fun day going out for pancakes and antique shopping with my mom and sister. This particular antique store has about 20 cats hanging out in the back, ready to be adopted. It’s amazing.

Did you guys do anything fun this week?

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Snow Fell on the City

Last February we had a pretty good snowfall. It started in the evening and we woke to a beautiful white fluffy wonderland. Sadly we both had to work that day since at the time we were working in a 24/7 medical testing lab that never closed. But before we went in, we drove downtown and I walked around taking some photos. All the years I’ve lived here I have never ventured downtown when it snowed. 

It was still lightly snowing as we walked around early that morning. I loved every second.

It was the perfect snowfall. With giant flakes that stick to every tree branch.

After our downtown walk, we ate some yummy biscuits before going into work. It was a disaster at work because so many people from third shift couldn’t make it in and thousands of samples were piled up.. But they ended up buying a whole bunch of pizzas for everybody so it was worth all the hard work!  And then Steven and I took some home and ate the most delicious white pizza every day for three days straight. We felt like kings.

I had so much fun wandering the city in the snow. I hope we get another snow storm really soon!

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A Fog Covered Cemetery

One morning, I looked out the window to see a particularly thick layer of fog covering the 
ground. My first thought was “To the cemetery!” 
I’ve always found cemeteries to be peaceful; a quiet place to wander around, seldom running into anybody else. A good place to think about anything, and everything. All of life’s silly little problems seem to slip to the back of the mind.

The fog hung like a thick blanket. It felt like I was in my own tiny world.

Philosophers have long recommended that we spend more time in cemeteries. To help us appreciate, and understand the fragileness of life. It  was a man named Heidegger who said “To get in touch with life, we must first, get in touch with death.