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Weekly Journal #36

Last week started off with some crazy weather. One minute it would be raining like we were in the middle of a hurricane, and then the next it would be bright and sunny like nothing ever happened. I caught this crazy photo of the line between the stormy weather and calm weather.

One night this week we cooked up a whole pan full of veggies. Health!

The weather was very warm this weekend and the flowers have begun to come up. I’m so exited!

More exciting news: I got offered the job that I interviewed for the other week! I am so excited because it’s been my dream job for years and I can’t believe I got it. It’s in the field of regenerative medicine and I should be starting in a week as long as the pre-employment screenings go okay. 

Did every body else have a good week?

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Little Switzerland Book Store

Last fall on our trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in search of a waterfall, we first stopped and checked out the town of Little Switzerland, named because the huge sweeping mountains reminded the first settlers of the Swiss Alps. We stopped here once a few years ago to get lunch and just loved what a cute little town it was, so we were excited to come back. 
This area is known for one of the curviest mountain roads in the state: the Diamondback! Although I kept getting confused and wanting to call it the Devil’s Tailbone for some crazy reason. We took a loop around the Diamondback and it was a lot of fun, but scary to go around a tight curve and then find yourself just couple feet from a 1000 foot drop off the edge of the mountain!
This time we discovered a new shop we didn’t visit on our first trip, and it was the cutest little café and book store.
The store was guarded by this little pup!
I loved this place instantly when I walked in and saw the walls were completely covered with all the books you can imagine.
It was tough to decide what kind of treat to get, but we went with this coconut chocolate bar, and ate it on the front porch while we dreamed about what kinds of cool books we might find inside.
I just loved all the dark nooks and crannies, stuffed to the ceiling with books. The house just seemed to keep on going and going. Each corner led to a new little roomed filled with more dusty pages, waiting to be flipped though. It seemed like the kind of place you could get lost in for hours. But a good kind of lost. 
We climbed the stairs and found ourselves suddenly in a sunny little art gallery.
Then we headed down the stairs to the basement..
Where we were greeted with mannequin parts and  a cool reservoir to catch mountain water. I’m not sure we were meant to go down there.

It really was such a neat little store and I’m glad we found it. Little Switzerland is definitely worth checking out if you ever find yourself in the area!

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Weekly Journal #35

Last week started off with some surprise snow on Valentine’s day night. We were out eating pizza at our new favorite place and it started coming down really fast and had completely covered the ground within half an hour. So we raced home before we got stuck all night in a pizza place. Although that would have made for an interesting story.. 

The snow turned to ice in the middle of the night so my boss told everyone to stay home from work the next day. I had already planned on taking Thursday off so I only ended up working two days this week!

We started our fun long weekend with a waffle house breakfast before doing some thrift shopping. Then it was back home to work on getting all the leaves and debris out of the garden to make room for all the spring plants.

I finally got to use my new bike on Friday! I’m glad the weather is warming up and the days are getting longer so I can start biking more.

My seedlings enjoyed getting some actual sunlight this weekend. I am so excited to get my vegetable garden started!

What did everyone else do last week?

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Birthday Weekend

I turned 25 on February 8th, but since it fell on a boring old Monday, I did all birthday related activities on the weekend before.

On that Friday I went with my mom and my sister to check out a new bakery in town.

The Bakery was in a beautifully restored Victorian house, with furniture that looked like it could have been original. It was such a lovely place.

We sat at the big table in the dining room. I loved how they decorated it to look like it was still somebodies home.

It was tough to decide what to get, but we went with this chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bar, and three cappuccinos. The bar was really good but I’m glad we split it three ways because it was soo filling.

I couldn’t decide what kind of cake I wanted, and while at the grocery store looking for cake mixes we came up with this concoction; a fruity pebble marshmallow cake!

For my birthday dinner we invited some friends over and had a make your own mini pizza buffet, which was a lot of fun. We have been obsessed with homemade mini pizzas lately. 

The pizza I made was a pineapple pepper pizza with barbecue sauce. It sounds strange but it was really good!

I am halfway to 50 now! Most of my life I have felt older than I really am, but I’m not sure how old I actually feel.. 27? 30? 32? 45????? Can you even really feel a certain age or not? Does it even matter?  I’m not sure. But, I’m happy to be leaving my early 20s behind. There is so much uncertainty with life in those few years and I’m glad that’s behind me now. I have a great feeling about this year ahead and I can’t wait to see what it brings!

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Ferris Wheel Fireworks

These photos are from back when we went to the fair in October and I never got around to posting them.

After hanging out at the fair all day, eating all kinds of crazy foods, riding a couple rides, and looking at the animals, we like to come back and watch the fireworks at the end of the night.

We usually grab a bag of kettle corn and then pick our seats in the grandstand to wait for the fireworks to start. In this case we also stocked up on some low price doughnuts they were trying to give away before the night was over. A carb coma soon followed!

The finale is my favorite!

Watching the fireworks is an exciting end to a fun day spent at the fair.

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Weekly Journal #34

The beginning of this week was spent studying for an interview, and during those days it kind of felt like I dropped off the face of the earth. I had forgotten how time consuming it is to study for something. The interview went well and I’m glad to be back to normal life! 

A polar vortex has descended upon us this week. The temperatures have been staying below freezing, despite it being sunny and cloudless. It’s very deceiving! 

Monday was my birthday and my coworkers took me to get coffee and treats. I love working within walking distance of my favorite coffee shop.

We found a place that has so many vegetarian sushi options! 
(And also deep fried veggies..)
I went and got my eyes checked this week. I had been dealing with bad vision for a long time, because when I went for my checkup last year I was dumb and got it in my head that I needed to try as hard as I could to read all the lines of text, even if that meant squinting my eyes like crazy. 

For months after that I couldn’t figure out why they said my prescription hadn’t changed when I obviously had trouble seeing. Then I finally realized my mistake.. This time I did the test properly and sure enough, I was pretty blind! I  am going to try ordering glasses online this time, I hope I choose a good pair!
Since I have been stuck inside because of this cold weather, I have been trying to map my entire Minecraft world. Which mainly consists of me sailing around in a boat for hours and wondering why I find that to be so much fun.

My Mom has gotten back into blogging, check it out here! She always has plenty of photos of cute vintage items and thrift store finds.
It is supposed to warm up this week which I am looking forward to! I haven’t even been able to ride my new bike yet.

Did every body have a good week?

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Cat Photos Friday #96- Valentine’s Day!

Valentines day is coming up!  The cats are excited and busy making their Valentine gifts.

(Or maybe they’re just busy making a mess!)

For a few minutes Cloud tried being Jeeves’ Valentine..

But she regretted it instantly!

Chester still hasn’t decided who he’s going to give his special Valentine to.

I hope everybody has a great Valentine’s day!

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Photo and Hour: Snow Day

This was Friday, January 22, the day of the big snowstorm. I woke up early and thought it seemed like a fun day to do a photo an hour.

7:00 AM

Drinking coffee, watching the snow fall. We woke up to big pretty flakes falling, but then it just turned into tiny balls of ice. Not so pretty to watch.

8:00 AM

Eating oatmeal and working on blog posts. Keeping an eye on the snow.

9:00 AM

My plants usually start hating life this time of year, with the lack of sunlight. So I trimmed off the dead leaves while Cloud just tried to eat the whole darn plant.

10:00 AM

Vacuuming!  I love this vacuum. It’s cordless and feels so freeing.

11:00 AM

Checking on the snow progress. Still tiny ice balls falling, but there was almost three inches of it!

12:00 PM

Hanging out with these couch potatoes while I did some more blogging.

1:00 PM

Banana bread break!

2:00 PM

Checking out my seedlings. My LED Christmas lights seem to work ok as grow lights, but I think I need a few more strands to really make a difference. 

3:00 PM

Gearing up for a snow walk. The temperature stayed in the 20s the whole day so I had to bundle up.

Still 3:00 PM

The snow walk was short lived. The wind was brutal.

4:00 PM

It’s  a new snow day tradition to make spicy bean chili! This time I made my own spices and it turned out pretty well.

5-6:00 PM

My mom and sister walked down to partake in my spicy bean chili. They brought beers and brownies and it was a good time.
(The squirt bottle serves as a cat warning)

7:00 PM

Keeping warm in front of the fire!

 Luckily I don’t usually work on Fridays so I got to stay home and enjoy a nice snow day.

What do you like to do on Snow days?