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This March

The gardens began to come back to life as pretty flowers started to poke up through the ground.

We continued to eat healthy veggie meals. It won’t be long before we are eating veggies from our own garden and I can’t wait.
Aldi randomly stocked some sewing machines on the same day I got the desire to start sewing, so I snatched one up and have been working on all kinds of sewing projects.
We picked out this beauty tree for our backyard.
My mom had us over for an Easter brunch and it was a lot of fun. I loved her table decor!
And here is a look at my desk at my new job! I am so happy to finally have the job I dreamed about for years and I still can’t believe I am finally working here. I am a manufacturing lab tech in the regenerative medicine department of a large university and medical school where my job is to grow human cells that will help regenerate damaged tissues or even regrow tissues completely. I am still very much in the learning phase which is pretty exhausting. I have so many new things to learn! But I am so relived that I have found my forever job and no longer have to be constantly updating my resume and looking for new jobs. That had been my life for the past few years and it was so tiring and depressing!

 It’s hard to believe that exactly a year ago I was at a job that I hated so much and was suffering some terrible repetitive stress injuries from it (that I’m still recovering from!!) Last March I was not feeling optimistic about life at all and felt trapped. This just shows that a lot can change in a year, and I’m glad it changed for the better. 

March was a great month! The weather has warmed up, flowers are blooming, and the future is looking bright. Now we’re on to April, which should be a very exciting month, we have a trip to Washington DC planned!

How was the month of March for you guys?

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March is Exciting

March is one of my favorite months.
 I love watching the outdoors come back to life after a long cold winter.
 Each day the trees have a few more leaves than the day before. 
Every day it looks a little different outside.

Green starts to slowly creep over the ground and rise up to the tree tops. 
The woods come alive again.

Cherry blossoms begin to bloom, and then cover the ground in a blanket of soft pink petals.

The frequent rain makes the land look so lush and green.
 It’s a welcome sight after a cold dark winter.

I love March.

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Weekly Journal #40

We finally picked out the perfect little tree for the backyard. I can’t wait to watch him grow. 
A sudden cold snap hit so I dug up my tomato and cucumber plants and brought them inside for a few nights to keep them alive.  They’re back in the ground now and doing great. That was close.

It’s Easter candy season and I can never resist getting a bag of pastel M&Ms. They taste much better than regular M&Ms in my opinion!

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First Bulbs

As the icy winter days fade away, the bulbs that have been quietly resting in the cold ground are the first flowers to come up in he garden.

Every day I run outside to see if any new flowers have bloomed. Spring is such an exciting time.

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Weekly Journal #39

A local fabric store is going out of business and everything is on super sale. I picked up a few things I have been needing, plus a dress pattern for crazy cheap. I expect I will be making quite a few more trips to this place before it closes for good!

For Saint Patrick’s day we had dinner at my Mom’s house and I made this avocado ricotta bread. It turned out pretty good, the avocado was really mild and made the bread really rich.

After reaching 80 degrees the middle of the week, it dropped down to the 30s by the weekend -_- But even though the weekend was cold and rainy we still went out garden shopping, and tried to decide on a nice new tree.

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A Fruity St Patrick’s Day Drink and a Vacuum Salesman

Last St Patrick’s day we had dinner at my mom’s house and while dinner was cooking, we realized something was missing..  We needed a fun themed drink!
I ended up making this concoction, which turned out to be really fruity and so darn good. Since St Patrick’s day is coming around again it got me thinking about this delicious thing and I had to dig through my photos to remember what was in it. And since I was doing all that, I thought I might as well post the recipe in case any of you guys wish to partake in this bubbly fruitiness. 

The Ingredients

2 parts sparkling strawberry water
1 part coconut vodka
1 part Midori
Plus 1 rainbow gummy!

Story Time: During dinner some strange people came to the door and just barged right inside when we opened the door to see who it was! It ended up being vacuum sales people from Kirby and they would NOT leave. Since I had about two of these in my system my social anxiety went away and I yelled at the guy for messing up our dinner, and that I was perfectly happy with my 100 vacuum and would never buy his ugly 4000 dollar one. He finally left after an hour of my snide comments. From what we read online, we got lucky. Most people from Kirby stay for hours on end and won’t leave until you threaten to call the cops!

Here’s to hoping this St Patrick’s day does not in vacuum sales people!

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Weekly Journal #38

I bought avocados and they all ripened at the same time so I ended up having avocados for lunch three days in a row. I wasn’t even mad. 
I cut them in half and eat them with tomato basil crackers, it’s one of my favorite things to eat lately.

It was really warm this week and all the garden centers around have started putting out their plants, so of course we had to go and stock up on springtime supplies.

Last Sunday I got straight to work sewing a skirt with my new sewing machine. It’s nearly done and I can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s finished!

It was my first week at my new job and it went really well, although my brain is very overloaded with new information. I am working in the regenerative medicine field and my job will be growing human cells that will be used to manufacture organs for clinical trials. It has been my goal for the last few years to end up working here and I can’t believe I finally have. I am so excited to finally have a job I can be really proud of and one that I look forward to going to every day. 

How was everybody’s week?

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Cat Photos Friday #100- Favorites

Since it’s my 100th Cat Photos Friday post, and it’s been about two whole years since I started it up, I thought I would post some of my favorites from the last two years.

It’s hard to believe I have been able to keep this series going for so long. I take plenty of pictures of these crazy guys so I’m sure I’ll never run out!