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First Flowers

These last two winter months have seemed so long and dark, but finally there is a sign that spring is just around the corner.

Every day I go out and stare at the ground, just hoping to catch a glimpse of the first bulbs poking up through the soil. I was overjoyed to see the tulips I planted last fall start to show themselves last week.

Crocus are always the first to bloom.

The hyacinths are my favorite, I love how their sweet scent fill the whole yard.

Have you seen any spring flowers yet?

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Weekly Journal #37

There were a few days this week that were just barely warm enough to eat lunch outside. I love being able to eat lunch outside, it’s such a nice change of scenery and so refreshing.

One of our favorite meals that we eat at least once a week is a giant tray of oven roasted veggies. And it’s so easy to make too!

The promise of warm weather has us very excited so we checked out a couple garden stores on Saturday. The greenhouses are always my favorite!

I woke up Saturday morning thinking that I really wanted to start sewing some skirts and dresses and told myself I would look into getting a sewing machine soon. Oddly enough when we went to Aldi later that night to grocery shop, they had sewing machines in stock so I snatched one up!  I started working on a skirt the next day; it was so much fun! 

This was my last week before starting my new job. I am very excited and not even sure what to expect. I hope every body has a great week ahead! 

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This February

February is my birthday month and I turned 25. Halfway to 50!

We have still been obsessed with making these tiny home made pizzas, they’re so yummy, and it’s fun to come up with new recipes.

It snowed a couple times which I was so excited about. But not my mind is on spring and I am ready to leave winter behind.

We have been going to Lowe’s the last few weekends and stocking up on plenty of plants and seeds to plant as soon as spring arrives.
I got a birthday bike and can’t wait to ride it more!

I always go stir crazy during the month of February because I start to get very bored of winter and the short days. But March is one of my favorite months; I love watching all the flowers suddenly start popping up everywhere and how everything starts to turn green. 

The most exciting thing to happen this month was having an interview and getting a job offer at the company I have been dreaming of working at for years. It still doesn’t feel real yet and part of me is expecting to wake up one day and realize it was all a dream. I don’t start until next week and I’ll talk more about it once I’m certain it isn’t a dream.

How was every body else’s February?