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Photo an Hour- Train Ride to Washington DC

I really like doing a photo an hour on travel days. I suppose it helps to pass the time and it ends up being a good way to start blogging about trips.

This was April 10th. The day we traveled to Washington DC.

Saturday night was the polar vortex’s last hurrah. I had to dig up my sad vegetables and bring them inside and cover up all my new little plants so they wouldn’t freeze to death.
 So Sunday morning my alarm went off at 5:45 so I would have time to uncover my plants and re-plant my veggies before we left.

6:00 AM

Preparing my face and body for travel.

7:00 AM

Riding in the backseat as my mom drove us to the Train station.

8:00 AM


I had never traveled by train before and was so excited I could hardly contain myself.

9:00 AM

My favorite part of the train ride was riding through all the train yards and seeing more train stuff.

10:00 AM

An overpriced train breakfast. 
I imagined that train travel would be a lot more like plane travel, with tight security, so I didn’t think we would be able to bring food and I imagined our bags would be searched. Nope. They let us hop right on and didn’t even check to make sure we had tickets until the train was already moving. Hah! And then on the train some old ladies next to us brought an entire suitcase full of food to eat for the whole trip. They knew what was up.

11:00 AM

Passing though cute little towns.

12:00 PM

Time for another overpriced train meal. I had a veggie burger which was just a patty on bread with some mustard, for 8 dollars. But at least it was surprisingly flavorful and filled me up.

We ate in the dining car and this river was one of the many lovely views we had.

1:00 PM

Somewhere in North Carolina’s armpit.

2:00 PM

Passing the time studying French.

3:00 PM

Are we there yet??

4:00 PM

First glimpse of DC!

5:00 PM

We were greeted with the busy crowds of a big city at rush hour, but managed to make it out of the train station and get our metro cards with only minor confusion. Then we made our way by metro to our hotel, with some more minor confusion that involved us entirely circling Dupont Circle because I momentarily forgot how to read a map. 

6:00 PM

After Checking into our Hotel we walked over to the grocery store and stocked up on bananas, peanut butter, bread and potato chips. I would have gotten yogurt but our room didn’t have a fridge. It also didn’t have a thermostat or hot water, but who needs those things?!

7:00 PM

Walking!  Where to? No idea! Just exploring. Dupont Circle is a pretty place!

8:00 PM

We ended up at the monument as the sun was setting and some mysterious steam from a vent was floating through the air. It was a pretty sight and a great way to end our first day in the capitol city.

9:00 PM

Our aching feet told us it was time to call it a night and metro back to our hotel. Little did we know that was actually the best our feet would feel whole trip. We ended up walking over 25,000 steps two of the days we were there. That’s about 12 miles! I thought for sure my calf muscles were going to burst out of my legs and run away they were so sore.

Stay tuned for my DC adventures!

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Weekly Journal #43

All blogging attempts last week ended with me staring at the computer screen too tired to do anything. Hopefully I will feel less tired this week. I have 100s of Washington DC photos to edit!

Over the past few weeks I have found myself obsessed with yogurt and bananas. The main reason behind the banana obsession is how cheap they are?! I’d never paid attention to the price of a banana before; I would have guessed that one banana cost close to a dollar. Well one day I finally looked at my receipt and saw that I got five whole bananas for just a dollar!  Wow!! Somehow that made them taste better and I can’t stop eating them.

I don’t know what fueled my yogurt obsession, but I have been buying up all different flavors and eating it many times a day.

(I even got a banana flavored yogurt! I didn’t like it…)
Not a week goes by at work where there isn’t some sort of treat brought in. This was a delicious strawberry lemonade cupcake I ate this week.
Our garden hoard from Lowe’s. We went a bit nuts this weekend!

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Flower Explosion

One of my favorite things to happen in the spring is the Phlox exploding into bloom.

I can’t believe how much they have grown in the last few years. Now they look like giant pillows made out of flowers.

When we first started dreaming up a garden for the very front of the house, I knew I wanted to have plenty of Phlox draping over the rock wall.

We bought some of every color.

My favorite is this one, called candy stripe, which is sometimes hard to find.

I planted these tulip bulbs last fall, I love how full and plump they look!

I just wish that they bloomed for longer than  couple weeks.
What are some of your favorite flowers to see in the spring?

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Construction Zone- Part Six

We returned to the construction zone, to see how everything was coming along.

Our latest suspicions were confirmed; they are building a whole new railroad bridge! It will be exciting to see how everything ends up looking with this swanky new bridge in place.

I started documenting this construction site when the city temporarily closed off our favorite biking trail in order to put a new road in, that will eventually connect with the interstate by way of a diverging diamond. I miss our biking trail so much, so I have been keeping close watch on the construction, hoping that our trail will be back open soon.
(It’s been two years now!!)

I also want to remember how things used to look. My city has changed so much in the past few years that some parts are almost unrecognizable. I want to document everything I can.
This whole area used to be covered in trees, it is so different now.

This is where the much anticipated diamond will be. 

On our visit, we spotted something strange on the tracks…

A cat!

He was so cute, but so scared of us!  I couldn’t get close to him.

In the background is the college I went to. I remember biking on this trail before I even got accepted there, and wondering what my life would be like once I started. Now, years later, I have attended, graduated and it’s a thing of the past. It all feels like a dream. It’s funny how life works.

That’s why I like to take pictures of how things once were. Because they’ll change before you know it!

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Thrifty Finds

One day we were out running errands and suddenly we got the disire to check out our favorite thrift store. It was a lucky decision because everything was on super

I found these two lovely plaid skirts in just my size.
The purple and black one was $2.00 and the brown and red one was $3.99. I don’t really own anything in that color so I am exited to find a way to style it.

I had been hoping to stumble upon a plaid dress for sometime.. Finally I did and it was only $3.99!

I couldn’t pass this one up for just a $1.25!

I already owned this dress, but I only got to wear it a few times before it got a big fat stain on it which I was very sad about. I couldn’t believe I found the same exact dress in my size, stain free for $2.79!

So in total I spent 14.97 on all these clothes. Not bad considering each of these probably cost at least $20 original priced.  

Since I started shopping at thrift stores it has been really hard to justify buying anything at regular price. I much prefer the thrift store atmosphere to crowded mall department stores anyway. There is such an excitement about thrift stores; never knowing what you’ll find. I am always on the lookout for vintage items, but those are so hard to find! 

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Weekly Journal #42

The view from the break room at work. 
 Looks like a nice warm spring day right? WRONG. Some sort of arctic blast has been blowing our way and it has been terribly cold all week.

Plants have invaded the kitchen in an attempt to stay alive through this icy time.
We went out for Mexican food with my mom and sister to celebrate the end of the week and the beginning of our vacation. (Look at those colorful chips!!  I was so excited by those. So much fiesta..)

Also I have cut my hair again to get rid of more of the damaged frazzled ends. I think the only way to really get rid of all the damage in my hair would be to shave my head. But this will do for now.

It was a slow week at work. I have been reading SOP documents every day for the first part of my training and I finally finished them all on Friday. I can’t wait to start actually doing things in the lab!

As this post publishes we will be on a train, traveling to Washington DC! I am overexcited because I have never been on a train before, and I love trains. I am sure I will be heavily documenting our adventure in Instagram so follow along if you’d like!

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Panther Walk

One day after lunch at Steven’s parents house, I decided to take a walk and was quickly joined by this guy. Their resident cat named Panther.

He followed me every step of the way, and was even a tour guide at times. He loved showing off his land.

I love Panther.

 Even though he is the only cat I have ever been afraid of. He is really friendly, but his attitude can change in a second and he will attack with the ferocity of an actual panther! 

One time Steven and I thought he would make a great indoor cat. (Bad idea, Panthers hate being cooped up) We took him inside and after about an hour he had gone completely insane and started tearing the house up. Unfortunately we couldn’t pick him up to get him out of there without getting torn up by him as well! Finally with the door left open he got the heck out.

Another time we were playing with him outside, but he got so amped up he decided our legs were more fun to attack than a silly cat toy so he began to chase us! We ran away so fast and I couldn’t believe how scared I was of a cute cat. Later that day he bolted up a tree like a maniac and tried to jump on my head. 

But he really is a sweet guy when he’s not going nuts, and make a great walk companion!
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Early Spring Feeling

Early spring is a funny time of year. You can feel the days trying to get warmer, but winter just doesn’t want to let go, and returns as soon as the sun begins to fade away each evening.

The sky says it is still day, but the long dark shadows cast upon the houses say that night is nearly here.

The warm air that held the promise of spring during the day, has once again been replaced by winter’s cold grasp as the darkness creeps nearer.

The sun paints colors in the sky as the cold night begins to take over.

Time to race home and hope that this was winter’s last appearance.