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This May

Just the other day I was trying to recall the date, and I was trying to remember if it was May yet. I was in for a rude awakening when I realized that, not only was it in fact, already May, but that it was almost June. What happened?  May flew by with incredible speed. 

May brought some wild storms; some of which were followed by rainbows.

We discovered some new garden stores and bought plenty of new plants. 
We have gotten into cooking with tofu, and made this spicy broccoli and tofu dish the other day. It was so good, and healthy!

I also added some purple to my hair and am already dreaming up what colors I’ll add next..

I am hoping that June does not speed by as quickly, because I just love this time of year.

In May my goals were to get back into the habit of having more blog posts scheduled, which I was able to do finally.  Sadly the month just went by too quickly for me to start up my Etsy shop again. (I thought I still had like, two weeks of May left!)

In June my goals are to get my Etsy shop back up and running, work on learning French again, and to just enjoy each summer day. Two years ago it seems we were always going on adventures and I’d like to do that again.

Did May go by quickly for you too?
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Weekly Journal #48

My Bonsai sticks are growing along. Well, except those two guys on the left, not too sure about them..
My mom’s three cats gathered in the same area, a rare sighting!
We checked out a new garden store in town and they had so cool plants for a great price. We got this flat for only 12 dollars!

My friend Alex has been begging me to make a snapchat account so  I finally did it. (Hi Alex!!) I have no idea how to use it so it might be amusing to follow me while I attempt to post stuff. (Since I can’t seem to figure out how to add people yet) 

Summer seems to have arrived this week. It was in the mid 80s which was quite a shock since it was so cold recently. But I am looking forward to these long days and lots of outside activities. 

How was your week?

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Chinatown in Washington DC

After visiting the Zoo, and the Bonsai Gallery, our first full day in Washington DC ended with a walk around Chinatown. 

According to the step counter on my phone, we took about 25,000 steps that day, which is around 12 miles. We had worked up an insane hunger and liked the looks of this place because because eating first was all we could think about.

As soon as we sat down they served us complementary tea, which I loved.

I had worked up such an appetite that I somehow managed to eat this absurdly large plate of veggie noodles in its entirety. 

After stuffing ourselves, we walked around and enjoyed the busy sights of Chinatown.

I loved everything in this adorable gift shop, but they had sings everywhere inside that said NO PICTURES. So I had to settle for just one picture of the outside.

Wok and Roll. I love it.

I love the bustling, busy atmosphere of Chinatown, and all the ornate decoration. It’s definitely one of my favorite places in DC.

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I had been thinking about adding a fun color to my hair for a while now, and when I saw some lavender hair dye at the store one day, I just couldn’t pass it up.

I love it. and find myself wanting to add even more color to my hair now.

Have you ever dyed your hair an interesting color?

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Weekly Journal #47

It rained for an entire week straight. It was so dark and rainy every dark, which made the week feel tired and slow. 

(Me in my rain boots hoping the rain will stop so I can look at the garden.)

I isolated cells from different tissues types, all on my own for the first time at my new job. I’m happy to finally be able to do actual work, instead of just observing. 

The sun eventually showed itself on the weekend, just in time for the pottery fair. We added two new mugs to our pirate mug collection. 

I hope next week involves plenty of sunlight,  more cell growing, and drinking out of pirate mugs.
How was your week?

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Cat Photos Friday #107- Awkward Cat Selfies

A few weeks ago I was attempting to take a photo of my face to upload onto a glasses website so I could decide on a new pair.

 But my cats had other plans and kept getting in the pictures. 
So I decided to force them into my pictures.
They hated it.

I told myself these pictures wouldn’t see the light of day.
But I found them too funny to keep hidden.

(Chester can be impossible to hold!)

Hope your weekend is less awkward than this!

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The Storm

Last week I went outside to find myself at the very edge of a storm. Half of the sky was bright blue with fluffy clouds, the other, dark and menacing. I watched as the dark clouds started swirling above my head.

A video of the swirling. 

Then the rain suddenly came across the sky like a giant dark curtain.

Giant pellets of hail fell from the clouds and I raced inside. I recorded the storm from the front porch. (Watch for the rogue trash can!)

The storm knocked over quite a few large trees behind our house. After seeing the dark swirling clouds, I wondered if a tornado had started to form!

This tree missed my car by a millimeter! 

Even after the storm was long gone, the roads were still rivers.

 Now there is a huge gap in the trees behind our house, where tall oak trees once stood.

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National Bonsai Gallery

When I found out that Washington DC had a bonsai museum at the national Arboretum, I couldn’t wait to go. It was an adventure getting there without a car. After a long metro ride, then hopped on a bus and questioned if we choose the right one. Twenty minutes later we eventually ended up at our stop and walked the last few blocks to the Arboretum.

Unfortunately I failed to realize that the Bonsai gallery closed at 4:00 PM and the entire place closed at 5:00. We arrived at 3:45 so I only had a few minutes to race around and look at as many bonsais as I could. Luckily it was just enough time, but I could have probably spent an hour there.

I can’t wait until my own bonsais grow as big as these guys.

We were the only ones in the bonsai gallery. It was very peaceful and warm.

Like many things in DC, the arboretum is completely free! It’s definitely worth checking out. I loved it, I just wish we had gotten more time to spend looking around.

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Weekly Journal #46

On Tuesday I went with come coworkers after work to see a movie, and then share appetizers under umbrellas and string lights. I love working downtown and being able to walk to all kinds of neat places. 

I began writing my first standard operating procedure at work. It involved a few extra cups of coffee, because writing about pH meter operation is not actually as exciting as it may sound. But later in the week I got to see a placenta get cut up in hopes of isolating stem cells, so that that made up for the less exciting bits at work.

A freak hailstorm hit on Thursday, and I am also convinced that a mini tornado briefly appeared behind our house. A bunch of trees fell over and our yard is covered in debris. 

Oh and I also added some Lavender coloring to my hair on a whim.

Between the crazy storm, seeing a placenta, and getting lavender hair, it ended up being a more exciting week than I expected. How was your week?