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Weekly Journal #57

It was another very busy week at work, involving a few extremely early mornings. I ended up with a bunch of overtime, which is good because extra money, but bad because I was tired all week. :p 
I discovered a new gourd specimen growing in my garden, I am excited to watch it grow!

The major heat wave is still ongoing, with temperatures close to 100 and no rain in sight. My garden is not happy about it. Hopefully it will end soon because I am itching to get outside again and explore!

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Peddle Boats and Blossom-less Cherry Trees

On our last full day in Washington DC we saw a place where you could rent peddle boats along the tidal basin, and thought it seemed like fun to go and explore along the water’s edge. 

There are many monuments in this area that we didn’t have time to go visit by foot, so it was fun to peddle past them and avoid the crowds. This is the Thomas Jefferson monument.

The airport was nearby so planes were racing by overhead. 

The Martin Luther King monument. 

The only disappointing part about our trip was that we just missed all the cherry blossoms, by about a week and a half. We had an absurdly warm winter so the cherry trees bloomed earlier than ever.  
(Just imagine this row of trees is completely pink!)

Thousands of cherry trees were sent as a gift from Japan about one hundred years ago, and many of them are still standing today. If you look carefully you can spot a few baby cherry trees mixed in too, like this little guy pictured above, 

The last few cherry blossoms remaining. 

The peddle boats were a lot of fun, even if I did end up getting seasick towards the end 🙂

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Night Drive

The city is always changing. Every few months a different building is restored, or a new road is built. We like to make a habit of driving around every so often, and seeing what has changed.

As the sun set, the clouds looked dramatic over the innovation quarter. Just a few years ago this area was completely run down and crumbling. Now the buildings have been refreshed and filled with research labs, start up businesses, and fancy new apartments. 

I love this part of the city.

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Weekly Journal #56

One of the many views from the new office area at work. I like watching the construction progress every day. They are building a new walkway and I am very excited to walk on it when it’s finished. 
Somehow, a tomato plant has popped up in my front yard. I will leave him there to see what kind of tomatoes appear.

My Jalapeno plants have produced a bunch of peppers so I made jalapeno cream cheese quinoa bites for dinner one day. The picture came out blurry so I will have to make them again 😉
A random late night Walmart trip ended with us bringing home a Beluga Whale. It was a great decision.  He looked hilarious just hanging out in the cart as we shopped and I documented the whole thing on Snapchat. (Follow me! Lostvestige) 
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Cat Photos Friday #114 Bag Fight

The cats were excited to discover a paper bag that we brought home from the grocery store.

But Cloud wanted the bag to herself and did her best to chase the boys away.

After a while Chester decided it was time for his turn in the bag, so he bravely peeked in while Jeeves watched from a distance..

He came up with a plan to lure her out….

Only to be completely clobbered by her!

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Lake of Geese

After attending a summer picnic for my company, one hot summer evening, we decided to wander around and explore the park it was held in. After a while we stumbled upon a hoard of geese, heading down into a lake.
There was a special goose path that led down into the water.
After a refreshing little swim, they turned around and started heading back to where they came from.

I like summer evenings like this.
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Night Rainbow

One evening, after some heavy thunderstorms, a night rainbow appeared. The sun was almost completely set, and the sky was lit up a bold shade of red. 

I’d never seen a rainbow in such a dark sky before.

Lightning was flashing all around..

I managed to hit my camera shutter at just the right time to take what is probably the coolest photo I will ever take.

And then as the sun set a few minutes later, the rainbow was suddenly gone. 

Have you ever seen a lightning rainbow? 

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Weekly Journal #55

There were lectures all week at work on different regenerative medicine topics. They were held in this pretty building and a free lunch was offered every day. It was pretty grand. 
I’m not in to sports, and have never been to a game or even watched one on TV. But I got invited to a baseball game so I decided to go along and check it out and it ended up being a little more fun than I thought. (Plus they had one dollar beers!)
I got assigned to a different desk at work. It’s smaller than my old one, but it’s in a room full of windows so I am overjoyed. I have never had a desk anywhere near a window before!