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Neighborhood Evening

The evenings seem never-ending in the summer.  
The perfect time to go exploring. Or even just a simple walk around the neighborhood. 

All the houses look warm and inviting as the sun washes everything in a golden light. 

I am looking forward to the colder seasons, but I will miss the daylight that seems to last forever.

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After the Storm

Storms come quickly and unexpectedly in the summer.
 It rains violently for a short while,  then the sun returns as if it had never left.  

The sun may be shining bright, but the sidewalks have turned into lakes.
 Evidence of the storm that raged just moments before.

Suddenly the clouds begin to condense again, and another storm is on the way.

But sometimes it passes us right by.

Summer is a strange season.

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Weekly Journal #60

A blimp came to town and has been circling the city all week. 
We added another Beluga to the house!  Couldn’t pass up the little guy..
Afternoon thunderstorms have been bringing many rainbows.

Our party week at work was a blast, with multiple birthday celebrations and lunch outings. The party is continuing all this week because I am at the beach!  I can’t wait to share all the beach adventures on here, but until then, you can follow along on Instagram .

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Cat Photos Friday #118- Helping Pack

The cats love helping us pack for trips.

First they start by sniffing everything..
Then they try to pack themselves in too! They hate getting left behind. 
Cloud isn’t looking forward to being stuck by herself with the goofy boys all week..

But we’ll be back before they know it!

We leave tomorrow morning! You can following along on our beachy adventures  on Instagram

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Current Inspirations- Aquascapes

I’ve loved fish tanks ever since I was little, and I had one for many years. Lately I have been in the mood to start one up again, but one that is a bit less silly than what I had before. (Without pink rocks, or a bubbling treasure chest!)

That’s when I discovered aquascapes. Aquariums that are put together in such a way that they resemble miniature, underwater landscapes.   I need one!
 Here are some inspiration photos from my pinterest board.

I love the trees, created out of driftwood and moss!

A perfect winding sandy path.

There is even a way to create a waterfall using air bubbles!

I love this, but I know my cats would just use it to go swimming..

I am planning to getstarted on making an aquarium in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I am off to search for some cool rocks and some driftwood! Stay tuned!

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Lightning City

On July Fourth after our party was over, we decided to go to the top of a parking deck downtown to look for fireworks in the sky.

 Even better than fireworks was a big lightning storm rolling past!

The storm stood ominously at the edge of the city, lighting up the sky in shades of purple and blue.

It was an exciting end to the holiday!

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Weekly Journal #59

With all the rain we have been getting, the plants have grown like crazy. Look at this monstrous elephant ear!
The view from my desk most of the week. It had been a long time since we’ve had any days like this.
The skies finally cleared by the end of the week and we were able to get out of the house and go for a walk downtown.

I’m looking forward to this next week; Two birthdays at work means two days of cakes, then cupcakes for a monthly meeting plus a lunch outing at a new restaurant. Then we leave for the beach bright and early on Saturday. I am ready to get this party week started!

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Views from the Train Window

Riding the train home from Washington DC, we passed through many small towns.

Many of the buildings seemed forgotten, abandoned.

But some showed signs of life.

There were quiet little houses, each holding its own little story that I will never know. And they will never know mine.

It is interesting to pass through towns you might not otherwise ever see, towns that have long been forgotten. I always wonder what life is like in different places. 
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Out and About in Washington DC

These photos were taken on the morning we left Washington DC. I wanted to make sure I got my fill of the city, so we got up early and walked around for about an hour before catching the train back home.

I love that funny tooth sign!

I think I may be nearing the end of my DC photos. I can’t believe it’s taken me five months to get them all posted. Going though all these photos makes me want go back already!