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Weekly Journal #66

It’s felt really busy lately, but I can’t even figure out what exactly I’ve been busy with! Just random little tasks seem to be taking up all my time. Or maybe I just need to prioritize things better..

But despite feeling too busy I have still found time to put up some Christmas decorations.


The tree has been up since the first week of November!


This year I actually waited until after Thanksgiving to put lights on the house. Last year we got a bunch of lights on clearance after Christmas so we had extra to put up. We’re not even done yet. Stay tuned!

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Cemetery Evening


There isn’t much daylight left when we get home from work, so an evening walk in the cemetery quickly turned into a night walk in the cemetery.


I like the Old Salem Cemetery, where the skyscrapers are just barely visible beyond the rolling hills filled with symmetrical headstones.





Just around the curve, you’ll find yourself on a hill which overlooks another portion of the cemetery, where the symmetry is gone and every headstone is unique.  It is an interesting contrast.


The cemetery at night feels like a quiet and calming place. Nobody else was around.

(At least nobody that we could see!)
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Bailey Power Plant


The power plant that once supplied energy to  the tobacco factories in Winston-Salem has been sitting vacant for many years.

It sits closed off from the world, by a towering chain link fence.

(A fence I would love to sneak through, but am too scared!)


Many companies had been contacted to restore the old building, but they all turned away, as they thought the building could not be saved, or would be too complicated of a project.


Luckily one company finally saw the potential and has finally gotten to work, restoring and updating the former power plant.




Bailey Power plant is one of the most unique buildings in Winston-Salem. There are big plans for it, and I can’t wait to see them unfold.

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Train Journey


This October we took a scenic train journey all the way to Georgia and back. It was a five hour trip with about a three hour stop in Georgia for a chance to visit an autumn festival before we boarded for the trip back. It was quite a long day! We left for the train station before 5:30 AM and didn’t return until 8:30 PM that night.


We got tickets for the vintage double decker dome car, where we where served breakfast and dinner, and had unlimited snacks! The free food and the view through the giant windows was definitely worth being forced to share a table with a couple we didn’t know..

We’re not big on socializing!






One of my favorite parts of the trip was traveling through the train cars. We sat in car eleven and ventured all the way to car seven which was set up as a little souvenir car. Passing between the cars is so wild!


Shopping in a moving train was an exciting adventure. The shelves were clanging around and I had to grab on to whatever I could to keep from falling over!


The vintage cars had so much character. I wanted take more pictures but there were too many people!


The train trip was a lot of fun, but it was a very long day. Next time we might decide on a slightly shorter trip. We did feel like kings though, as we were served meals on the top story of the dome window train car. It was certainly an experience.

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Weekly Journal #66

I’m not quite sure what happened, but these last few weeks have been busy! Here is what I have been up to lately.


Chester and Jeeves have been in a big fight so I have been keeping them separated and slowly trying to get them used to each other, which is a huge time zapper and also stressful. Especially when they kept me up all night!!


At work I have been growing lots of happy little cells and involving myself in probably too many projects.


The other week we took scenic train ride all the way to Georgia and back and rode in a vintage train car.


I finished my Halloween dress just in time Halloween night! I had a creepy fun time with my mom and my sister.

Other things that have been keeping me busy include:

  • Trying to find spots in the house for all my plants this winter.
  • Battling the bugs that seem to want to move in.
  • Constantly vacuuming up cat liter now that we have two boxes.
  • Knitting a blanket I started two years ago.
  • Thinking about CHRISTMAS.

I can hardly believe that Halloween has come and gone and Christmas time has begun! Hopefully things will start to slow down a little bit so I can catch up on blogging. I have a lot of things I want to post about but so little time to sit down and put them together.