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We Found a Lighthouse on Belle Isle

On our Belle Isle Adventures, we passed by what appeared to be an old lighthouse, so we turned the car around to go check it out.

Only to find out the roads were one way around the whole island. 

 We tried driving the wrong way for a few minutes, but a few other random people who also came to explore this place on a cold Thanksgiving day freaked out honking at us.

So we took the long way around.

Finally we were parked and set off down the long muddy trail. 

Towards  the eerie lighthouse, sitting in the desolate field. 

But the lighthouse was was farther away than it looked, and the ground was getting muddier and mudder. Plus we didn’t want to be late for the Thanksgiving feast. So we ran all the way back to the car and raced to dinner.

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When the Mountains Looked Small

Flying back from Houston, the plane took a detour to go around an enormous lightning storm.

The detour meant I got to fly over the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It was my third time flying, and the first time ever seeing mountains from a plane, so with my face pressed right up against the glass I started snapping 100s of pictures like a maniac. 

The beautiful landscape distracted me from the turbulent ride as we circled the storm.

This mountain range feels enormous and never ending when you’re on the ground in the middle of them.  But from the sky, they are just some fleeting ripples in the ground.
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Time to Explore the Power Plant

Bailey Power Plant has stood abandoned for years. As long as I can remember, it has been this mysterious run-down industrial building, surrounded by a huge wire fence, but begging to be explored.

 I never had the courage to sneak in though.

It has been undergoing renovations for the past few years now, just as all the old tobacco factories have.

But on this day, as the renovations are getting closer to completion, the fence was finally down. The power plant was open for wandering.

The inside of the building still requires much work, but it was exciting to be able to wander around the outside, under all the tunnels and bridges that remained illusive for so many years.

The view inside the broken windows

A space that was once a muddy swamp, is becoming a nice little patio with string lighting. I imagine it will be a popular spot when summer comes.

This area that was once a ghost town, is now turning into one of the most popular parts of the city and I can’t wait to see it continue. 

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Weekly Journal: The End of the Rain is in Sight

At first I liked all the rain.  So much time had passed since the last stormy day. 

 But after three weeks of that, I began to get bored.

The backyard is still covered in the leaves we never bothered to rake in the fall. 

 I can see my plants coming up, flowers starting to bloom.  But I can’t very well rake the leaves because they haven’t been able to dry out with all the rain.

In other news, this past week at work was probably the most irritating week I’ve ever had at this place. The plan for an important project kept getting changed multiple times a day, which meant I had to keep revising the protocol and changing everything I had prepared.

But, the sun has finally appeared, I think the project is nearly figured out, and by the end of next week I’ll be in the desert. 

 Hopefully I can get rid of the rest of those leaves before the rain comes back!

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Weekly Journal: Birthday and a Tail-less lizard

February is my least favorite month.. But at least it contains my birthday to make it a little more interesting!

My Birthday began at work with this colorful cake, then a lunch out, and later, a trip to a vegetarian restaurant and a cat cafe.

Crooked Tail Cat Cafe, just opened a few months ago in Greensboro, NC and is the first Cat Cafe in the state! It was a lot of fun hanging out with all the cats. I am hoping one opens up in my city soon. In fact, I’d love to open that cat cafe.. What a dream. 

After the cat cafe we discovered a place called Elsewhere, a former thrift shop turned museum.. It was kind of a creepy place, I definitely want to return.

The weather has been quite warm, but very rainy. I started picking up some leaves around the yard to the other day and discovered this lizard!  But the poor guy was missing a tail!
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Dark Nights on the Ambassador Bridge

The bridge between Detroit Michigan and Windsor Canada stood as an eerie beacon in the dark winter night, as we drove closer and closer towards it. 
About to embark on our Canada Adventure.

The teal and red lights illuminated the black sky.  
It felt a little retro. It felt a little like an alternate reality.

Then we stood on the other side.
 Staring at the same bridge from a different country. So similar, but so different.