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A Desert Painted

Parts of northern Arizona had reminded me of what Mars might look like.  But upon entering the Petrified Forest and seeing the Painted Desert, this area really looked like we had just been transported over to the red planet.

The bright sun gave a false impression of a warm day. The air was cold, and the zero humidity made it even colder.  The wind was unreal. Pulling the breath out of your lungs and not giving it back. It certainly felt like another planet.

I wanted to hike down the trails, and be immersed in the strange landscape, but the elements seemed too rough. So we just drove along the road, rarely passing another car.  Stopping at the overlooks, mostly alone on this strange red part of our planet.

I’ll never forget how weird the desert looked.

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  1. The southwest is so beautiful, it really is otherworldly!

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  3. I lived in Sedona a few years ago and that’s exactly how I described it. It was as if I had just landed on Mars. I like that you see it that way too. It’s so pretty there, especially the Stupa and hiking trails.
    ~Laurali Star

    1. It really is so pretty! We didn’t get to do very much hiking on this trip, but I would have really liked to!

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