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A Summer Evening Downtown

I took these photos last summer during a walk downtown to check out the art galleries, and never got around to posting them.

I love wandering around the arts district, there’s always something new to see. 

Seeing these photos made me really excited for long summer nights and warm weather, what about you?

0 thoughts on “A Summer Evening Downtown

  1. That 'woman' sitting on the roof is well cool!


  2. The dark, natural lighting in these photos is beautiful!


  3. You made some awesome pics last year, maybe you could write something about it

  4. Street art is one of my favourite things to see when I'm wandering around!

  5. Looking at summer photos when it's cold out is a nice little bit of fun. Nifty shots of things I might not have ever noticed.

  6. What an engaging neighborhood. Great photos, sweet Sarah.

    ♥ Jessica

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