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A Walk Downtown

We took a walk one evening and ended up going all the way downtown, where I ended up snapping some neat evening photos!

Walking towards downtown, you begin to see the glow of lights from the restaurants and the faint music and voices grow louder and louder as you approach the only busy street in the city.

Β This building was the prototype for the empire state building! It’s currently abandoned but they’re working on fixing it up inside.

I have no idea what the pepper building was, but it’s one of my favorites.

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  1. ooh i love the evening photos, especially the last one. the way the lights illuminate the old and new towers and then the dark pepper building. so neat.

  2. Those are some great shots, I always love looking up and taking photographs of the tops of buildings in a city, there's always some amazing details hiding away up there!

  3. woah i can totally see the empire state building features in that one! why is it abandoned? it's still really pretty. and i love the street shots- everything looks so much more exciting when it's all lit up πŸ™‚

    xo marlen
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  4. Nice. Thanks for sharing your walk. You had some neat views.

  5. Thanks! City shots are fun.

  6. Thank you! πŸ˜€ It's abandoned because a major company that used to be based here moved away years ago and left so many buildings behind and empty. Luckily they are starting to be bought and fixed up again!

  7. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  8. You've managed to exactly capture my favourite time of day in those last two shots. How interesting about that building being the prototype of the Empire State building? I'd love to see what's inside it!

  9. Wonderful shots of our fair city. Makes me want to go downtown again soon, eat some food and check out an arty film!

  10. These are awesome Sarah. I was just thinking I need to take pictures of our city because I would have loved if my grandma had done that when she worked on 4th in the 40's

  11. That's definitely my favorite time of day too! Yes I'd love to see how it looks inside also.. I wonder if there are any windows I could peek into..

  12. Yeah that sounds fun!

  13. Yeah I would have loved to see what it looked like back then!

  14. Awesome shots of the nightlife! I love night photography. What kind of lens did you use?

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