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A Year in Land Camera Photos

About a year ago I found this vintage polaroid land camera on a thrifting trip. I had been wanting one for a while, but wasn’t ready to spend a couple hundred bucks on a restored one.  I luckily found this baby in great condition for 20 dollars! All I had to do was replace the battery and now it works great! I even found this flash for it a few months ago.

 Fujifilm still makes film to fit it and I wanted to share the photos I have taken in this past year. There aren’t a whole lot, due to some tragic film jams I ended up losing quite a bit of film. 🙁

This is the first photo I took with it (that came out!)  I forgot to focus, however..

We spent a weekend in the mountains last spring and I snapped this view from our motel.

We took a trip to a dairy farm last summer and I brought my regular camera, but forgot my battery at home!  I was so mad, but I luckily I brought my land camera with me! I think a land camera photo is worth about 100 digital photos.

From our beach trip. I forgot to focus again.. But I kind of like the dreamy out of focus look.

My Mom’s haunted house.
Christmas day. This is where I realized the camera shouldn’t be used indoors unless you have a flash. Surprisingly this was a bright and sunny morning!

This was taken with my new flash bulbs!

And this is my latest photo which I am very excited about. I tried to take a picture of the house, but didn’t hear the click of the shutter so I thought it didn’t work. I took it inside to look at it and then I took a test shot of the backyard, (because a neighbor had come outside in the front of the house, and I didn’t want them to see me of course!) And it turned out the shutter had worked the first time and I ended up with this amazing double exposure!

I definitely want to take a whole bunch more land photos this year, I just love the way they look!

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  1. you're so right, film photos in general, but especially these seem to be worth many, many digital pictures. these are really so great, and i get so excited and inspired looking at them. like, just the simple motel view or the cattle under the tree are turned into beautiful pieces of art.

  2. These are great – I love that beach image it's so summery and happy! I miss that feeling of taking in a roll of camera film and waiting for it to be developed and never quite knowing what you'l get back!

  3. The photos are pretty dreamy. I like that you are interested in all types of cameras

  4. I love these old cameras and the way the picture come out when using them! These days people rather use their instagram filters instead of these kind of cameras. My brother has a similar one and I love when we uses it and makes pictures of the family with it 🙂
    Sending much love!

  5. I love these! I really want to get one.. it seems perfect for beach trips and hiking. I love that you got a double exposure!!

  6. Thanks! I do get really inspired by film as well!

  7. The suspense always kills me, but it's all part of the fun!

  8. It's so much more fun to take photos this way too. Thanks! 🙂

  9. You should totally get one!

  10. That's pretty amazing it still works and they make film 4 it still! Cool pics!

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