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An Evening in my Mom’s Garden


My Mom’s house is surrounded with spectacular gardens that she has been working on for the past twenty something years. I never really planned on having a big garden myself, but every year I find myself planing more and more flowers. I can see now where I inherited my love of gardens from!



The back yard is home to a lush shade garden. But even further back, down past the pebble path, the tree house I used to play in can be spotted beneath the giant maple tree.



Following the curvy grass path brings you to the front yard and a pond that’s loaded with water plants.




0 thoughts on “An Evening in my Mom’s Garden

  1. It’s so beautiful!! Garden dreams, for sure.

  2. That is a truly magical garden!!!

  3. Thanks for posting these terrific pics of my sweet garden. I Love working on it & enhoying the view when I’m relaxing.

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