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August Recap

I can’t believe how fast August flew by! August always used to feel like the longest and most boring month for me but this year it was pretty good.

August first was our four year anniversary, which is also our four year anniversary of trying sushi! So every year we go a Japanese restaurant and get sushi 🙂
We have been eating lots of veggie dishes with the vegetables from our garden.
My favorite part of August was going to the beach! Those are some photos I took with my land camera.

The cats did NOT want us to leave!
I found so many sand dollars at sand dollar island! 

 Sorting out my mini shells. I think I’m going to make some resin things with them 🙂

I found a french Harry Potter book at my favorite used bookstore! Hopefully one day I can read it, haha.
 I started a new kitting project and Jeeves thought I choose the best possible colors for it. It’s going to be a big blanket! Hopefully I will finish it before winter is over..

Cosmo is all grown up and has a baby now!!! They like to hop around my backyard together.

And of course it’s not summer without a couple of good root beer floats!

It’s kind of weird because this is the first time that I have not been so sick of summer by this point! I am still enjoying the warm weather, wearing shorts, and the long daylight hours. But I’m sure once the weather starts getting cooler and the leaves start turning then I’ll get into fall mode. Maybe I should light some pumpkin spice candles! 

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  1. I love your sushi tradition! That's so fun that you do it every day. Our first date was sushi based actually and it was something I'd never tried before meeting the OH, certainly a favorite of mine these days.

  2. Beautiful august photos. I love your little recaps. The land camera beach photos are just too cool and now you've got me craving root beer floats. Its not as fun to knit when its hot outside, so i want to get back into knitting, too. Im sad summer is over but i just adore fall!!

  3. Ugh my comment will not work! Even on my laptop. Here I go again…

    I lit an autumn leaves candle in my living room today, I can't wait for fall.

  4. Seems that august passed perfect! Love that cute cats and beautiful little banny in your garden 🙂 Fantastic food and splendid time :*

  5. And now I'm hungry, damn you food porn! 😀 Just found your cute blog, will be back to read more.

  6. It's already starting to get cold up here! Not too much, though. Would you be up for a trade? A sand dollar for a pretty Alaskan rock? 🙂 just a suggestion! My fiancé and I celebrate our relationship anniversary the same way! Sushi and Japanese food! Can't go wrong! I look forward to seeing what your blanket looks like when it's done. 🙂

  7. Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!
    What a cute tradition with the sushi! 4 years – wow!

    Have a great day,

  8. I agree, August flew past for me as well, which I'm not complaining about seeing as my birthday is this month!
    I love the sushi tradition, it's sweet. Looks as though you had a pretty good August 🙂


  9. That's cute you has sushi on your first date as well!

  10. Thanks! Yeah I hardly knit all summer but now that its's almost fall I have so many ideas of things I want to knit that I'll never finish them all!

  11. I'm definitely excited!

  12. Ooh that's a tempting offer! 😉 Haha that's cute you celebrate the same way too!

  13. It was a wonderful month for you ~ Happy 4 year sushi Anniversary!
    I need to look at that Harry Potter book next time I'm over…

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