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Beach Birds



On our last excursion to Cape Lookout Island, as we were riding along in the back of a truck to the sandy point, we came upon an enormous flock of seagulls. It was the biggest gathering of birds I had ever seen.


We first spotted them from far away and got closer and closer until the finally decided to get out of the way and fly into the air above us in one huge swarm. They hovered in the air just a few momentsuntil the truck passed, before returning to their place on the sand.


It was like riding through a bird tornado.


As soon as the truck dropped us off, I raced back to the birds.



They waited until I got very close and then they all flew off together, but then landed just a few feet farther away after circling around the water.




Times like this are one of the reasons I love coming to the sandy point of Cape Lookout island so much. It is a very uninhabited area and you just never know what you will see.

7 thoughts on “Beach Birds

  1. Oh my goodness! Such stunning photos and so many birds :O

  2. These photos are awesome! And I love the visual of a “bird tornado”.

    1. Haha! There were so many birds!

  3. Whoa! These photos are amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many seagulls in one place before. Just looking at your pictures makes me want to go chase them!


    1. That was definitely the most birds I had ever seen. It was certainly fun to run after them!

  4. These are fantastic! What an absolute multitude of gulls!! You captured their energy and sheer number excellently!

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