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Bonfire Season


When the air gets crisp and the days get shorter. It’s Bonfire season!

My Mom always has a few bonfires during the autumn months, and they are usually accompanied by her homemade pizza.


There’s my meat free slice!


My contribution was this Halloween wine I found at Aldi, the bottle was too cute to pass up! And it actually tasted pretty good.


We sat around the on the bonfire pit for hours, tossing in fresh sticks and roasting marshmallows.  I love this time of year.

7 thoughts on “Bonfire Season

  1. I dig the new layout! I loooove trying new wines at Aldi so I’ll have to check that one out…I’ll need something to keep me busy while I pass out candy 😉


  2. I love those bonfire scenes, there’s nothing nicer than roasting marshmallows over the flames on a cold evening. Your pizza looked yummy too! I also love your boots, just the right pair of shoes for this crisp weather. Lovely photos! – Tasha

  3. O wowie, you guys have an Aldi, that’s great! :’) I love
    Aldi haha. And love that meatless slice pizza 😛
    Xx Ice Pandora

  4. Love how everything looks in here, love the new layout, love your new *home*, Sarah. If Google is getting on me nerves for just one more time I’ll gonna think I will move as well. So happy new blog and happy Halloween, Sarah.

  5. Oh lovely photos. I’ve never sat at a bonfire before – I guess it’s kind of hard to where I live lol but maybe one day.
    btw, I love your new blog home. 🙂

  6. Just found your new blog. Love your cover photo. I adore a good bonfire. They are seriously the best. Even though it’s spring here now, I had a few fun bonfires this year.

  7. Oh God, I love Bonfires! It’s just so relaxing to sit and stare…


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