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Carousel in the Night

To me, carousels at night have always had a creepy and mysterious feeling about them. Like they are holding some sort of hidden secret beneath their magical, bright, candy colored lights.

As the eerie music begins to play,  the ride spins and spins, creating a dizzying blur of lights. 

The ornately decorated horses slowly rise up and down as their never ending gaze looks onward, with an air of mystery.

Carousels fit in perfectly with that eerie carnival feeling.

0 thoughts on “Carousel in the Night

  1. these are just a wonder to behold! i love the bur of movement in these, it almost makes me dizzy just looking at the still photograph. carousels are one of my favorite odd things and this takes me away.

  2. I never actually saw the creepy side to these before i read this blog post. Inspiring photos!

    Emma at

  3. I love carousels, I find them really interesting and pretty. This makes me want to go to one.

  4. Perfect photos, I like these old school carousels!

    Have a nice day,

  5. I agree, there's definately something eerie and mysterious about a carousel! Beautiful photos, you've captured the light and movement so perfectly.

  6. Great shots! Exhilarating post with dreamy words

  7. I have been on a carousal in many many years!

    I love how you captured this one in your photos though!

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