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Cat Photos #83 Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween and the cats are feeling spooky!

Cloud felt so spooky, she couldn’t help herself from munching on a plastic spider.
Don’t eat too much candy!

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos #83 Happy Halloween!

  1. Cloud definitely wins for spookiest; a “spider”?! Hahaha
    Love the fangs in the last photo. Happy Halloween!<3

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheesePapas

  2. The cats are so charming!You have a wonderful blog:)

  3. I love how the light is shining on his teeth on the last shot. So unique and colorful these shots are!

  4. How cute! How do you convince them do sit for all the photos?!

  5. Sooooo cute! And just a little bit spooky

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