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Cat Photos Friday #10- New Faces

For my tenth cat photos friday I decided to feature some different cats!

These clowns live at my mom’s house and are always up to something silly. I lived with them for years so I have a bunch of photos of them that are too funny not to share!Β 

**Yes I moved out of a house with three cats and then promptly acquired three cats of my own. (Not on purpose it just happened!)

This is Lucy. She loves food and eating. She showed up on our porch one 4th of July.

This is Sookie and she’s originally from Texas. My aunt found her and drove her to us because she couldn’t keep her. Sookie even got to spend the night in a hotel room which I find hilarious.

This is Zoe. We found her in the sewer while on a bike ride and biked her home in my bike basket!Β 

Getting three cats together for a photo is hard! Here are some outtakes from the first photo in this Β post.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these crazy gals!

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday #10- New Faces

  1. It's MY Babies featured on Cat Photos Friday!!!!! Their faces look so funny in EVERY photo. After I saw the first photo I wondered when you had ever managed to get a photo of the 3 of them together cuz that never happens in real life unless maybe there's food involved.

  2. oh i have enjoyed seeing these cuties. i love all the different colors they are, so pretty!
    looks like Lucy wants some of those good looking cupcakes! i found that picture so cute!!

  3. so sweet.I have similar facial expression when I see cupcakes haha
    great post as always πŸ™‚

  4. Oh it's more wonderfully amazing cats! I really like that you shared some backstory on all of them, too! That picture of Lucy oogling the food is cute. πŸ™‚

  5. Aw, cuties πŸ™‚ I also find the idea of a cat in a hotel really funny. Pets are hard to take pictures of!

  6. I love all their funny faces! It took forever to get that one photo, haha.

  7. Thanks! That is one of my favorite cat photos, hehe.

  8. Haha! I probably do too πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks! It seems like all the cats in my life have some silly backstory to share.

  10. I do too! Makes me want to bring mine on my next vacation… (Crazy cat lady alert!)

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