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Cat Photos Friday #107- Awkward Cat Selfies

A few weeks ago I was attempting to take a photo of my face to upload onto a glasses website so I could decide on a new pair.

 But my cats had other plans and kept getting in the pictures. 
So I decided to force them into my pictures.
They hated it.

I told myself these pictures wouldn’t see the light of day.
But I found them too funny to keep hidden.

(Chester can be impossible to hold!)

Hope your weekend is less awkward than this!

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday #107- Awkward Cat Selfies

  1. These are nice, especially the top one!
    I'm guessing Chester really didn't want to haha

  2. Oh my goodness; best cat selfies ever!


  3. I raise your awkward cat selfies, to awkward hamster selfies! haha! Too cute!

  4. Oh my god, these are amazing! Sylvester does not like to be held either… silly cats!

  5. That made me giggle!
    Loved them all but most especially the last one. I need copies of these xo ♡ mom

  6. I love the way that pets often find their way into daily tasks without much encouragement! Love these, they're so cute and Chester always reminds me of a cat I used to know called liver who lived next door, he had the same colouring and would never sit still! Love this. – Tasha

  7. Oh I love these pics, Sarah. Your cats are so beautiful.

  8. You're as cute and pretty and a million buttons! What a fun series of catlfies! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Thanks! Chester always begs for attention but then changes his mind once he gets it. He's complicated!

  10. Yes! Awkward hamster selfies!

  11. He acts like he wants to, but then immediately changes his mind, haha.

  12. They're always so interested in what I'm doing!

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