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Cat Photos Friday #17- Crazy Time!

These may be my favorite photos I have taken thus far.

Have a crazy weekend!

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday #17- Crazy Time!

  1. They look like tiny fuzzy silly vampires! What is that they are chomping? So cute! Great photos, Sarah ~ TGIF!

  2. Great pictures! Are they reeds they are munching on? My cats go nuts and bring out the little chompers if they spot a reed.

  3. you capture them so well! i just love the silly fascination of little kitties to a stick or the like.

  4. It's crazy time indeed! They have such a fun! Seems like they playing a fantastic game 🙂
    So cute photos 😉 Wonderful kitties :*

  5. Some sort of reed that was tied around the furniture we bought!

  6. It was something that was tied around some new furniture we bought, they loved it!

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