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Cat Photos Friday #19- The Fourth of July

Since the Fourth of July happens to fall on a cat photos friday, this year, I  knew I had to do something special…..

So I took a trip to the dollar and picked out a bunch of props for an exciting cat photo shoot! They didn’t mind wearing their fancy necklaces and were rewarded with lot of treats!


Sometimes, Cloud shows true disdain for her brothers..
 Chester action shot plus a modeling Cloud.

Who would have thought Jeeves could look so beautiful?

Happy Independence day if you are in the US! And happy cat photos friday if you’re someplace else!  

Don’t party too hard!

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday #19- The Fourth of July

  1. Your cats are adorable. Happy Fourth of July.

  2. i just LOVE them. in their patriotic decorations they're so silly! what a great ideas you have.
    happy 4th!!

  3. Love the idea of getting props for your kitties to model! I cannot get over the disdain on Cloud's face haha!

  4. Very patriotic! I love Jeeves' elegant pose in that one picture lol

  5. Thanks! This idea was just too silly to pass up

  6. Thanks! Yeah that photo is one of my favorites

  7. Well if he has to wear an embarrassing necklace, he might as well look as good as he can! Hehe

  8. What good sports your cats are! Those photos had me laughing… super cute! I have been taking random photos of my cats lately… I've got seven cats. Yes, I've turned into the “crazy cat lady” and I couldn't be happier. *wink*

  9. Ha how funny & patriotic these 3 sillies look!

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