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Cat Photos Friday #2 – Ikea greenhouse

It’s time for another edition of Cat Photos Friday! You can find my first one here.

This was when my cats decided to “help” put together my mini greenhouse from Ikea.

(Please ignore the monstrosity that is my kitchen floor. I am not a fan of that pattern!)

They totally gave up!
 Can you find Cloud?

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday #2 – Ikea greenhouse

  1. oh my goodness; the first and last pictures, so adorable! actually, they all are but those are my favorites, thank you for sharing these, i needed to see some cute little kitties today.
    You may not like your floor, but i LOVE it and i think it adds a perfect, cute little touch to these photos.

  2. I absolutely LOVE how curious, chill & totally charming the kitties are. They are Very funny and photogenic. PS your kitchen floor sure does have a retro vibe!

  3. Your cats are just adorable trying to help your put the mini greenhouse together! And I'm slightly embarrassed to say but I actually love your kitchen floor! Ha! I suppose it comes from me growing up in a house covered in original 1970's carpet and tiling – what can one expect!

  4. Thanks! Everyone that sees my floor seems to love it, I wish I did. Then I wouldn't have to tear it up. Haha.

  5. I like how it looks like they were reading the instructions! Hehe

  6. Haha you can have it! The house also came with this really cool avocado green stove that we actually liked. But sadly it didn't work. 😛

  7. You have the sweetest looking cats, they're beautiful 🙂

  8. I actually really like the pattern on your kitchen floor! Want to trade? XD

  9. I found Cloud in that last photo! =D

  10. Looks like they have it all under control!

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