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Cat Photos Friday #21- Carrot Top

I recently picked a carrot from my vegetable garden. The cats were enamored with the leafy green carrot top.

But in the end, they decided it didn’t taste very good and went on their way!

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday #21- Carrot Top

  1. O your gorgeous cats love to play with the carrot! Great game! Last photo is like they say yuck, so cute 😉

  2. Love the last photo of that kitty poking his tongue out!

  3. I looove the little spot of black underneath the mouth of your black and white cat haha it makes him look so adorable. And I love how curious they look- it's like they're exploring 😀

    xo marlen
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  4. Haha, everything new is exciting..that's also the same with my cats!


  5. Super photos of those cute kitties. I Love how they are always so curious about what you are doing.

  6. They are so adorable! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!


  7. Hehe I laughed so hard when I first saw it!

  8. I like that little spot too! And they're always exploring!

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