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Cat Photos Friday # 24- Basket Case

The cats love this little basket. It’s the perfect size for them to sit in, loaf style.

And I enjoy carrying them around in it!

Jeeves got so pumped up from sitting in the basket that he ran around like a maniac and then laid on the floor with his arms under the buffet for an awkward amount of time.. 

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday # 24- Basket Case

  1. SO CUTE. Lloyd loves boxes; he will sit in anything that's empty. When I can't find him anywhere I have to remember to check those kinds of places.

  2. Awwww. As a lover of cats, this is the perfect post for me to view!

  3. So cute! so unbearably cute.
    I would love another cat but one is expensive enough and she suffers from only child syndrome and is a spoiled little miss so it wouldn't be the greatest idea anyway.
    So cute.

  4. I just love this. Kitties in loaf style is my favourite, to the point where my boyfriend knows what I mean when I say “there's a bread loaf on the bed”. And Jeeves seems like the most adorably awkward cat.

  5. Cats are so adorable 😉 They are enjoying with you a lot! Seems like that the basket is perfect resting place for them!
    Lovely yellow flowers! Fantastic photos <3

  6. haha! oh my goodness, kittens in a loaf basket! but Jeeves… i have to agree with Lucy, such an adorably awkward cat. i had to laugh out loud at the last picture.

  7. That first photo is such a pretty & silly one of Cloud. What a hoot!
    And such goofy pics of Jeeves!! That second to last one is like he's in a little boat and proud of it!
    Who knew you all would get such a kick out of a gift basket of Christmas goodies?
    Love these silly kooks!
    xo ~mom

  8. Yep, any sort of box or open container will attract a kitty!

  9. Haha I say that kind of stuff too!

  10. Yeah he is a silly awkward guy! 🙂

  11. This post is so much fun and full of giggles! Cats are so interesting and it seems like they don't even know what is to come next. I love it when they go around and act all crazy and weird and then pretend that it never happened. Jeeves seems like that kind of cat 🙂

    Chamomile Dealer

  12. Haha yes! He does that kind of thing all the time!

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