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Cat Photos Friday #34- First Jack-O-Lantern

Last year was the first time the cats had seen a Jack-O-Lantern.

 “Hey, this guy’s mouth is on fire!”

 At first Jeeves was afraid of the pumpkin, but then he turned into a pyromaniac! He was infatuated with the flame and I had to quickly blow it out before he burned the house down. Later I noticed that one of his paws was brown.. He had singed his fur! Luckily his paw wasn’t burnt.  No more Jack-O-Lanterns in the house thanks to crazy Jeeves..

Happy Pumpkin Carving month!

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday #34- First Jack-O-Lantern

  1. Pumpkin and cats, so fan! They are really interested in her. Inspiring photos :))

  2. your captions made me laugh out loud!! the way you describe their thoughts is always so much fun for me. i just love the last picture. the way the pumpkin is glowing and his eyes seem to be looking at the adorable fluffy one who is curled up beside him. priceless!!!

  3. Haha, crazy Jeeves! I haven't carved a pumpkin in so long… a moose ate the last pumpkin we carved right off of our porch!

  4. Lol! That is so cute and funny!

  5. Oh my goodness that first one is the best thing ever, the are adorable! Have a great weekend!
    xo Hannah

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  6. Haha! We're so lucky our two guys completely ignore fire. We pretty much always have a few candles or tea lights lit if we're home, so I guess they're used to it. I've never made a jack o lantern though… I'm sure they'd be curious. I mean, they are cats!

  7. Haha “we gots to smell it, I donno what it is but I gots to smell it”.

  8. Chester's screamy face is so funny! Fantastic Halloweeny pictures with your sweet silly amusing kitties. Do you really think Jeeves would singe his paw fur again if you let them see this year's carved Jack-O'-Lantern?
    Xo ♥ mum

  9. Thanks! They are very curious!

  10. Thank you! I'm always glad to hear these silly guys made someone laugh!

  11. Oh my gosh that's crazy! The only thing we have to worry about are squirrels taking a nibble or two on it.

  12. Thanks so much! I'll check out your giveaway!

  13. You are lucky! If we have any candles lit we have to keep them up really high, but even then I can tell the cats are plotting on ways to get up there and check it out…

  14. He might! I'll have to see how interested they are in it this year.

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