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Cat photos Friday #37- New Shoe Box

It’s a good day for the cats whenever one of us gets a new pair of shoes.

Cloud hates sharing. Especially with the boys.
Jeeves thought squeezing himself into a tiny box was a bit too absurd.

“Get out of there, ya look silly!”
Soon Cloud was ready to kick Chester out and have another turn in the shoe box.

But she went a little nuts!

Very embarrassing. 

0 thoughts on “Cat photos Friday #37- New Shoe Box

  1. Haha cats and boxes. It's like Christmas time for them every time we get a new box. That and paper bags, paper bags are as fun as a box, apparently!

  2. this is kind of weird and sooo adorable. weird because none of the dogs would ever get into a box willingly. dogs just don't do that sort of thing, you know? cats' fascination with string and boxes and the like is so new and adorable to me. i just love it.

  3. They are adorable. They just fit in there so snug, it's like shoe boxes were made for cats!

  4. Can't believe how they having a good time with the box! Too cute and funny 😉 The biggest one is hilarious, how big he is in that small box 😀

  5. Oh my, they are soo sweet! It's amazing how they will go into boxes. every. time.


  6. Oh yeah paper bags are just as fun!

  7. Cats do some pretty weird/entertaining stuff!

  8. They do seem like the perfect size for it!

  9. It made me laugh and laugh when I saw him in there!

  10. They just can't resist!

  11. I can never believe how incredibly beautiful & photogenic Cloud is! She is a real Pip!
    Then there's that super silly face they make when they are sitting there looking so SILLY as if they'd be saying, “What?”

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