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Cat Photos Friday #4- Cat Grass!

Last spring I bought some fancy variegated cat grass for my cats. Thinking it would either distract them from my houseplants, or backfire and give them a taste for greens! 

I should have known a certain orange cat would rather dig the dirt than eat the grass! 

Jeeves got bored after a while and decided he’d rather run off with my broom!

They pretty much destroyed the grass in about 10 minutes so I never really found out if it would keep them away from my plants or not. Oh well!

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday #4- Cat Grass!

  1. Goodness they're so cute! I love their curious and confused little faces

  2. Bahaha, they look so curious!

  3. I ♥ Cat Photos Friday!!!! My fav funny little kitty cuties. It's a riot when they all sit around something like that in circle investigating. Can't hardly wait until next Friday!!!

  4. 1 = Cats, 0 = variegated cat grass
    The grass never had a chance!

  5. Next Fridays theme is “Funny Faces!”

  6. Haha I think you're right!

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