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Cat Photos Friday #42- Phone Photodump

I have so many random cat photos on my phone that are too silly not to share!  Enjoy!

Chester makes a good laptop holder
I got some new shoes and Cloud quickly claimed the box!

These cats are always interested in what’s on the TV, Chester was enthralled by grand theft auto!
Cloud is our breakfast buddy.
Having cats means having a fan club every time you eat.

What a cute fan club!
They cats had a wild evening which resulted in the gingerbread house flipping over.
I kept shooing him away from my food, and then he appeared in a sneaky spot…

Cloud reeeally wanted to help me garden that day!

So Jeeves thought he’d try and reach the door handle. Too smart!

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday #42- Phone Photodump

  1. OMG cuteness overload! You're right they are all such good photos of your sweet sweeties. They sure have a lot of personality and are just so darn cute. I miss them!
    xo ♥ mum

  2. are you kidding me? these guys are crazy, i'm with your mom, CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!

  3. They really know how to make a party! Love how Chester holds the laptop and Clouds climbing on the window :)) It is too cute when they sitting together on the sofa :*

  4. Oh my your cats are always so fun – mine are super lazy in comparison and oddly never seem interested at all in the TV or the outside.

  5. Oh my gah, too cute!
    You are a lucky lady to have so many lovely kitties!

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