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Cat Photos Friday #67- Feeling Fancy

The boys have recently discovered this chair in the corner and have been taking turns sitting in it and acting fancy. 

I think it looks like they are posing for a nice portrait of them to be painted.

Have a fancy weekend!

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday #67- Feeling Fancy

  1. it's like they want to burst out sassily singing 'i'm so fancy, you already know' ahaha. and oh my goodness girl, can we just take a moment and focus on the house decor though. the chair and the blue stapler for one!

  2. It's always funny when cats discover and “own” something that's been there for a while! They do look very studious in that seat.

  3. They do look so comfy & relaxed. Kitty cats make the perfect cozy props ~So Cute!

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