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Cat Photos Friday #69- Cloud’s Secret Hammock

Sometimes I’m not sure where Cloud is. I look all around the house, and then I find her, hidden behind the curtains, in the most comfy little hammock she has made herself..

Just look at her silly little feet!

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday #69- Cloud’s Secret Hammock

  1. She is just so perfect and beautiful. I always love my kitty cat's feet so much!

  2. Haha, she is killing me! These little feet…


  3. And I thought Lloyd was the most ridiculous!

  4. Haha what a smart feline c: and a beautiful too! Xx
    Ice Pandora

  5. Ooo she looks so happy!

  6. She looks some comfy and cosy!

  7. That cat sure does know how to relax!
    Love these photos ♡

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