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Cat Photos Friday #71- Chester and the Evil Toe Nail Polish

The other day I painted my toe nails this pretty color, and Chester did NOT approve. He came and stared at my feet looking very annoyed.

Eventually he got tired, but he still wanted to keep an eye on my toes..

I think the nail polish was a little bit minty scented, which I liked, but I think that’s what freaked Chester out. I read somewhere once that cats hate the smell of mint. Poor guy!

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday #71- Chester and the Evil Toe Nail Polish

  1. hahaha! As I would say about Pork Chop “what a freak!”… not that I'm calling your cat a freak 🙂

  2. The shot of your toes and his face resting on the box is priceless! What variety and happiness unexpected out pet families add to our lives

  3. Very cute & clever post!
    All the photos are just a hoot but most especially the last one xo ♡ mom

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