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Cat Photos Friday #73- Left Again

Cloud got very concerned the second she suspected we may be leaving and she would be stuck with just the boys for a week.

Once they spot the suitcase, they know something is up.

They try to find ways to sneak along in our luggage. Or our shoes!
 But in the end I think they would greatly regret sneaking along in our luggage and getting stuck in a car for four hours, and then having to stay inside a tiny hotel room.  I do get the urge to take them with me though, it would be silly to see how they react to a strange new environment!

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday #73- Left Again

  1. Cloud in the boot!!!!! They are so silly. Cats always hate when you leave, but they never want to come along for travels.

  2. Hahaha my little one is the same. 🙂
    She's actually used to long traveling though. I'm sure your furbabies will be alright. Safe travels! ((;

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheese with Papas

  3. haha bless their little cotton socks!

  4. So adorable! The do such funny stuff so you can take their picture xo ♡ mum

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