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Cat Photos Friday #8- Chester’s Cup of Tea

The first time I made tea in my cute little teapot, Chester was very concerned!

But then he was cool with it.

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  1. Aw my, what a cutie. My first kitty was a ginger and white cat so they always melt my heart!

  2. What a lovely kitty 🙂 I love the color.

  3. Bahaha, he's investigating! My rabbits are super curious and they need to check out every new development

  4. he's so cute. i just love the first one where his reflection is in the tea. it matches his eyes!

  5. He is so darn cute! And very photogenic! I like how his reflection is captured in the cup of tea, so what flavor was the tea?

  6. My goodness he has the most beautiful eyes.

  7. Hehe, yeah that's one of my favorites.

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