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Cat Photos Friday #82- Pumpkins

Every year, around this time, the cats find that some strange objects suddenly appear in the house..

 Jeeves was contemplating the pumpkiny smell.

Cloud decided to strike up a staring contest.
The pumpkins won. 

 The cats were very busy keeping an eye on the new pumpkin buddies that came to stay for few days!

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday #82- Pumpkins

  1. I see they really love the jack-o-lanterns. :))

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheese with Papas

  2. O goodness, they are so cute! Won't they be excited & intrigued tonight after the annual Pumpkin carving chili party? Xo ♡ mom

  3. I can't imagine how my cat would react near the pumpkins. But I think we would probably need to call the firemans.

  4. Haha, is that a cityscape pumpkin? It's great!

  5. Haha they look so unimpressed with the pumpkins! Clouds face: “uh, what is this? It's in my house, make it move”.

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