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Cat Photos Friday: Boxing

The cats are always happy when a new box appears in the house.  Jeeves thought this one was a pretty good size to hang out in, and work on cleaning his foot.

But then Chester decided he wanted to also hang out in the box. Jeeves didn’t think there was enough room to share.

Jeeves weird upside down ninja moves didn’t work, and he soon fled the scene.

But luckily there was a cozier box nearby for him to squeeze into.

0 thoughts on “Cat Photos Friday: Boxing

  1. This is hilarious. Your cats are gorgeous. It’s funny watching cats swipe each other. I have 4 cats and the smallest one is a notorious swiper!

    1. Cats are pretty entertaining!

  2. Haha, what is it about cats and boxes? I’m glad both cats got to hang out in each their boxes in the end:P

    1. I’m not sure why they love boxes so much!

  3. Such cuties! I’m glad this had a happy ending 🙂

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