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Train Watch


One windy autumn Saturday, my husband, sister and I went for a walk downtown. A few minutes into the walk, a train could be heard in the distance, so we raced over to the tracks in front of a local coffee shop to watch it go by.


(Krankies Coffee)


We waited and waited, but the train didn’t seem to be coming. We grew tired of the odd looks the people at the coffee shop were giving us as we stood in the parking lot staring at the train tracks, so we decided to forget the train and continue our walk.


We had barely walked one block before the train’s horn sounded again, and so close!  We ran back to the coffee shop parking lot to get an up close glimpse of the train.


After we finished our walk and were getting in the car, we could hear another train on the way!  We drove past it on the way back home.


We even crossed under it!

I love spotting the train as it travels through the city.

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The Abandoned Automotive Shop

In the middle of downtown, there is this seemingly abandoned automotive shop.

A peek through the barbed wire covered windows, shows shelves of sun bleached boxes of products covered in dust. Like one day everybody decided just to leave and never come back.

There’s a forgotten car hanging out next to the building. It’s almost like everybody just walked away from this place one day.

The model of this car is a ninety eight, and strangely enough, the license plate tags were last renewed in ninety eight! Spooky!

There was also a mysterious file left on the drivers seat..

We climbed up those stairs and peeked into the garage. Add it was filled with old cars!
Around the back of the place, there was a small office that looked like it could still be in use.. And a quick google search shows that this company is up and running in other locations, but I couldn’t find any info about this particular spot. It’s very mysterious!
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Our Bike Adventures

It has been almost three years since we got our bikes. I used to ride my bike all the time when I was little, but eventually I got tired of it and didn’t enjoy it anymore. I thought I would never care about riding bikes again. Then Steven found his bike at a pawn shop, and I knew I needed one too after seeing how much fun it looked. A few days later we found my bike on craigslist and drove to a questionable part of town to get it. It was owned by a guy who got it in exchange for a tattoo. He looked very intimidating but was actually a pretty nice guy and sold me the bike for 35 bucks. 

I started taking pictures of our bikes at some of our favorite locations we’ve discovered. All of these were taken on my old camera so excuse some of the funny colors.

I never knew how much fun riding bikes could be! There are so neat things in our city that we have discovered while biking and I can’t wait to see what else we will find!