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Current Inspiration: Cottage Gardens!

During the long dark winter nights when I’m stuck inside, I like to dream about my garden to keep from going stir crazy.

On my mind this year are cottage style gardens like this one. With all kinds of flowers, overflowing with tall colorful blooms. This year I have high hopes for growing a beautiful garden of wildflowers. Here are some of my ideas!

I love how foxgloves and irises look together. I started some foxgloves by seed inside, hopefully I started them early enough so they’ll flower in the spring.
One day I hope to have a  glorious iris collection. I have been adding a few new colors to my garden each year, they’re so pretty!

I just love how cottage gardens look growing along a cute little fence.
I think allium is such a striking plant. I bought a pack of bulbs last fall and I can’t wait to see how they look this spring!
 I have never seen pink allium before but I need some.

 Cone flowers like these pink ones are another one of my favorites. I bought a few clumps of them last spring so hopefully they made it through the winter and will grow back even bigger.
 I hope that my garden will look as full and lush as this one does. I have had some pretty dismal attempts in the past!

The first year I started all my seeds inside, but I only had room for so many so I didn’t have as many plants as I would like, but it still ended up pretty. The next year I planted them all directly in the ground, but then a late frost hit so it killed most of them off. Last year I waited too long to plant them and they took forever to grow.
This year I am going to buy a whole bunch of wildflower seed packets and put some directly in the ground, and also start some inside, so hopefully this will finally be the year for my wildflower garden!

Does anybody else have any garden plans for this spring?
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Current Inspirations- Bonsai!

I’ve been obsessed with Bonsais ever since I came across a bonsai book at the library almost five years ago.  I was so excited that as soon as I got home I went and dug up a little shrub in my moms yard and trimmed it into a bonsai. 

Sadly I have had terrible luck with growing them and last year my first little bonsai tree got attack by terrible mealy bugs and never recovered. I was so sad and kind of gave up trying to make bonsais. But within the last month I got re-inspired!

I love the classic Japanese Maple ones.
As soon as I saw this chili pepper bonsai, I ran outside and dug up one of my pepper plants!  It’s not doing so hot right now though….
I think this is so neat with the little water part.
I am on the hunt for the perfect rock formation so I can make one like this.
I can hardly believe this is real!!

And these are my sad little guys so far. I have two maples, two mimosas, a cluster of willow oaks and one unidentified one.  If I can keep them alive through the winter I think they will be looking good in the spring!

To me it’s much more fun to dig little sprouts out of the ground and watch them grow, than to buy a mature tree. (And cheaper too!) I’ve tired buying little shrubs from garden stores and trimming them into bonsais, but they ended up dying in the great mealy bug attack of ’13. -_- 

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Current Inspirations- Fall Fashion!

It’s still pretty warm here, but I have been dreaming about what I will wear when it gets cooler outside. I wanted to share some of my favorite fall outfits that I’ve pinned recently.

Sweaters over button downs have always been a favorite style of mine, in fact, that’s practically all I wore last year! So I definitely need to switch it up a little this time around.

I love everything about this outfit. I will definitely be checking out some thrift stores in search of tweed skirts to wear this fall.
I like the look of knit socks peeking out of boots.

I don’t have any knit socks, but maybe I could knit myself something sneaky like this!
Another pretty skirt/sweater combo.
And I definitely need more plaid in my life!

What are you most looking forward to wearing this fall?

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Current Inspirations- Terrariums

One thing I’m currently inspired by is..

I haven’t been sucessful in making any of my own yet. I had one going well for a while, but then my cats opened it up one night while we were gone and strew the plants around the living room. They survived.. Barely… But then I over-watered them and they rotted. 🙁

I am determined to have a beautiful terrarium one day though! But for now, here are some lovely inspirational terrarium photos.

This one is so delicate.

Love these cube containers

An orchid in a terrarium is so pretty!

Looking pretty and killing flies at the same time!

My cats would love batting these hanging terraiums.

Hopefully sometime in the future I will be posting about my own terrariums. 🙂
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I recently discovered this website, about how to grow your own Luffas!  I always thought that Luffas were made from some sort of sea sponge, but apparently they’re actually a type of gourd and easy to grow in your garden!  Upon finding this out, I just knew I had to try growing them this year and I am already imaging where I can plant them. I am thinking about putting a little picket fence around my vegetable garden, and I think my Luffa plant will look great growing along it.  

Here are some photos I found online of some luffa plants.

Luffa plant in all its glory!

When the plants mature and dry out, you just peel them and the Luffa is inside!

This is how I imagine my Luffa garden will look like.

These Luffa soaps are so pretty!

Well, I didn’t think it was possible, but I am now more excited about my vegetable garden then ever!  I really hope it warms up soon so I can start digging.  I can’t wait to blog about my growing garden!
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Current Inspirations- Craft Rooms!

I never thought I was the kind of person to have a craft room. When we first moved into our house and were trying to think of what we’d  do with the extra rooms, one of my friends suggested should turn one into a craft room. I thought it was a silly idea, I didn’t do crafts.  That was until one day I felt like I just HAD to create something. And what started as just gifts for my mom and sister, eventually turned into my etsy shop which led me to really want a cute little craft room. Or at least something better than what I have right now. So I thought I would share a few photos I’ve collected for inspiration.

I really like the idea of long narrow countertops like this. Plenty of room for doing multiple projects at once!

I love this yellow chair! And that simple desk is perfect.

Sitting in front of a nice big window is definitely a must have!

I love those little storage shelves above the desk.

Love all of these drawers and shelves!

This little craft nook is so adorable!  Probably too small for me though.

And now.. Just for comparison.. A few pictures of my current “craft room”.

My desk/thing we put stuff on that doesn’t have a place..

My craft supplies. (Note that I have to barricade the closet door so the cats don’t get in there and trash it!)

I can’t believe the very first pictures of my house I’m showing is of my sad little craft room. I promise the rest of my house is a lot better looking!

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Current Inspirations- Vegetable Gardens!

Right now I am currently inspired by cute vegetable gardens!  I am going to start digging mine soon, so I have been searching for inspiring pictures to try and figure out a a design, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. I got so excited the other day to start my garden that I almost ran outside with a shovel and started digging right then and there!

I LOVE this garden. I definitely want to have mine fenced in (we have rabbits that like to visit!), and I really like that brick path.

I think this path is so cute. There were a lot of bricks laying around our yard when we moved in, I always knew they would be good for something!

Hanging squash gardens are amazing!!!  I have no room in my yard for something like this, but maybe I could have a smaller version? 😉

I really want to plant colored carrots! I had no idea they came in colors other than orange. I think they would make some pretty amazing looking meals.

I will definitely be needing some trellises. I am planning on growing lots of squash, zucchini, eggplants and peppers.  I would love to make my own trellises like this, but I may chicken out and just buy some at Lowes, haha.

Last but not least.. I love this homemade sprinkler!  It makes me laugh every time I see it. 

Well that’s all for now!  I’ll post a garden update once I start digging.